Monday, 23 June 2008

Swiming for Muslim Women& Girls

I took the girls swiming , as they need to learn and need sports in their lives. it was a one hour session cost £3 , its in a pool in a school hired out on a sunday to the muslims who run sessions for sisters and brothers on sunday mornings. I didn't swim but had a look and may go next week depending on how i feel as i need to learn too. They have a female life guard on hand and she is great to help you out to learn to swim. i met a sister there who was also sitting out the session and she said if i came next week with a float she will teach me to swim, so i can't complain now can I? The women wear leggins and long tee shirts, best adviced to wear a coustume under the teeshirt so that it won't cling when wet.


here are some items belonging to my dd 6yrs old, we decided to get her a ring to so that way noone needs to watch her all the time, she loves it, dd 14yrs old loved it but said it would be more fun if you can swim , she needs to get learning.

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Prayers for Peace

Prayers for Peace