Thursday, 9 October 2008

Feeling Out Of Sorts

It's been an uphill struggle since my return and alhamduilah although i feel i am making ground. i also feel i am taking 10 or 20 steps back or maybe never took them in the first place?

So many changes , so many 'wants' and as a human being and the off spring of Adam it's no surprise 'we want it all' but in reality we 'can't have it all'', that's jannah where we can.

I am fighting an inner battle within myself and in the real world too, a battle that brings terror to my life, my thoughts and fear too but also brings me closer to my maker but then why do i loose hope? Coz i am only human maybe.

other stuff going on is my washer has packed up and decided to give up on me. So i thank Allah truly when i say i am in the UK and have the ability to attend the local laundrette for a wash ,£2.70 per Small load and a 40Min's wash and great results alhamduilah its a blessing as one year in Algeria i was without a machine for 4 months and hand washing during the winter months it was a nightmare but you get through some how. In fact its the same place we used when i was a child and all the memories of wash day came flooding back, what was the young English assistant is still there but aged about 20 years. Me and the kids actually look forward to going there , its the simple things that make me happy! I must add the wash comes up nicer too subhaAllah! I go about 2-3 times per week and with signs of me heading there my DH is sitting back and being relaxed about getting the washer sorted he has managed to get the top of and clean a blockage but i keep telling him a screw has come loose from the drum so i wait, i did right to get down the launderette otherwise we would have been clotheless now that would have been a test!
here its is the old laundrette
funnily enough so many years on the dry still cost 20p and the spinner 20p I think it works cheaper as at home i am paying for water and heating the water plus electric and the washes are longer .

Life is so busy here in the UK time elapses too quick for my liking i must say i miss the quality of my days in Algeria and having time to think deal with my daily life. I find people in the UK are so consumed with their own being and dare i say selfish to an extent, in the sense no one has time for one another but the sad thing is that time can be made it may mean cutting into their time but this is were selfishness appears , this really saddens me. sometimes you can be surrounded by so many yet alone Allah knows Best.

Forget to mention i got a blog award my first ever and too be honest being the off spring of Adam i always wanted one ! Hugs of dear Umm Hibaat who i had the pleasure to meet this summer, someone came to life from the blog world and felt me worthy of a visit mashaAllah.

Prayers for Peace

Prayers for Peace