Thursday, 1 May 2008

Home Made Pizza

1 kilo flour
1 leveled table spoon yeast (instant)
Salt to taste
1/2 teaspoon sugar
little olive oil
water to form dough

Mix well and kneed and leave to rise

3-4 tomatoes
fresh garlic cloves to taste
salt to taste , lil sugar, black pepper, I sometimes add chilli powder , pinch of cumin but really its to suit your pallet.
1 teaspoon of oregano

Cook all this in a small pan with a lil water and blend with hand blender

Start to roll out the dough and pierce the dough with a fork , spread with a lil sauce , add any toppings you like , i used sliced onions, peppers, Tomatoes, minced beef and chedder cheese yum.Bake in oven , my problem is i can never get a round shape but it sure tastes good, mashaAllah!

here it is cooked


Making The Most Of The Situation

I really wanted to get out and socialize today with the other ex-pat sisters of Algeria. Me and the kids as its a national holiday here today 'May 1st' so its defo a long weekend. The sun is out and its lightly brezzey, perfect picnic by the sea weather as i watch the neighbouring families set off for the day with their pinic boxes..........i wonder wheither they are going to link up with family members first or pass by on thier way out? Algeria is such a lonely place when you have no familiy, noone comes, nowhere to go, for a single mum and no Algerian dh around it can be a very miserable place as I have come to realise life in these Arab Lands is very family orientated, all function with the love and support of families. Well i decided to make it special for me and the kids in some way, so we are having a chill out weekend at home Algerian stylish , kinda!pizza we are going to made homemade pizza,have crisp Photobucket some gazzo (fizzy drinks) hamoud bouleum just taking it easy , couch potato kinda day I think!!! Comfort food to comfort the mood alhamduillah. Not all day mind you as i have a peace project lined up for later, a craft project , learning about Palastine and peace movements.

Prayers for Peace

Prayers for Peace