Wednesday, 30 April 2008

A Thoughtful Surprise To Lift your Mood

There is nothing like gifts from loved ones to cheer you up masha Allah! Esp. when you are feeling low, subhan Allah sends His relief in different ways, blessings in different forms. I have been looking for ease from outside the home when all the time the relief came from within, sometimes dua's are answered instantly as Allah knows what’s best for you! Photobucket
It's not so much the gift for me although it is much welcomed and i am grateful its the thought! That someone went out there and felt me worthy of their savings or exra cash masha Allah spreadiing love and gaining reward from Allah Subhanoo. I love the box and the title of the perfume 'love Me' , may Allah bless my dd1 with Janat Al Firdous ameen.Photobucket

when it rains it pours.


Ever felt it always comes in one go? I have been analizing why life seems so hard in Algeria in so many respects? Apart form the obvious, when things go wrong , inability and lack of resources to access the remeidy for one! Alhamduilah just lately I have had some issues come in thick and hard all in one go, I am trying to work them through inshAllah, with sabr and steadfastness. Sometimes we all need a boost, we all need a lift , we all need support, we all need to feel inspired. The feeling of a storm brewing, trying to aviod a climax this is the real endurance test subhanAllah.Storm Brewing

Prayers for Peace

Prayers for Peace