Tuesday, 5 January 2010


I have not been feeling to well recently a seemly tummy bug it would seem. This has kept me way. This week i have a sudden influx of Hijamah clients alhamduilah so they are all headed here end of the week , i do hope the predicted big freeze will allow this as it's the last sunnah day and some are coming from across town.

My daughters cushion is coming along nicely as you saw in the previous pictures but i will tell you this its so fiddly that i have lost heart and am having to really push myself and start again to finish it. I have come t the conclusion that i am not cut out for multiple colour change projects. I have agreed not to begin anything new until i finish this very project , its torture i tell you . Confessing i have sneaked in two quick fix projects.

Saturday last i was asked to help out at a fund raiser for HUGS but i could not find their link online to show you. Turn out was poor sadly but we still raised a fair amount and blessing is from Allah. So i am happy for the families of that will receive the funds.

I have been offered a job..something that came along but i am very excited about as its doing something i enjoy.yes cooking, crochet and chatting. I have been asked by a Women's Support Group (Beyond Borders) to join their committee and come on board as senior management. There are no wages but i am more than happy to help on a part time basis voluntary. I am looking forward to the new experience and the challenges it will bring for me. My first class starts on Monday and i will be teaching crochet to women.............so anyone in the East London area free 11am-2pm on a Monday do come and join me.

Seasonal hol's are officially over and all my children went back this week to school. The home is so quiet and i feel quite sad to be alone again as do enjoy the company of my children. Nevertheless i have many tasks to sieve through today , cooking, shopping, banking, housework, studying and i am hoping some me time within all this inshaallah. There is a predicted big freeze heading to Britain infact its already arrived in the North of England, i want to get enough veg for food over this period so i do not need to venture out to labourious chores while the roads are slippery with dangerous ice. Well i better get started , take care all and have a great week.

I have been listen to this talk ,

that a fellow blogger put up on her FB, it is how i have been feeling so much so recently , living in a consumer society really gets me down , with the amount of waste esp over the seasonal period just passeed.

Prayers for Peace

Prayers for Peace