Sunday, 30 March 2008

what to do ?


I am in a hole and can't get out , what to do? Have options but neither is the soultion Allah Al must'aan. Need your duas, need my own duas, need to be firm, need to be patient , need to put my affiars over to Allah and trust in His plan!

Craft Day with Kate

today i went to visit Kate from for crafts session , well i did it umm hibbat i made granny squares granny squares
gave me ideas and intrest to do other things , see i work better when someone shows me, i am going to invest in a book Kate showed me and inshaAllah lets see what develops, my son made a comment today he said if it aint the PC you are crocheting now! I get the feeling its a envy thing , i just can't win these kids they seem to want my attention 24/7, can't i get a life of my own? subhanAllah, an intrest of my own!!!!! Anyhow back to craft's well i learned how to cut sleeves and sommayah you will be happy to know i cut the fabric and i am going to make 2 more tunics but with sleeves inshaallah , kate my dear sister showed me how to cut sleeves, i told her to get her self a centre called kate's Craft's in Algeria. she also showed me how to sticth , its black work stitching, it is hard , i must say of all the task and in between ferring the teens via bus to the ice skating ring, the sticthing was the hardest and i foresee more help needed there inshaAllah but i am grateful to kate as she has givien me a start mashaAllah. Shuran dear Kate for all your kindness and help masha Allah may Allah bless you with jannah ameen.

Prayers for Peace

Prayers for Peace