Monday, 18 January 2010

My first day teaching crochet

I was addressed as the crochet teacher today. The class was a great success mashaallah. I had 3 practical students and as many on lookers. I am very happy to say the students were very keen and we worked through a lot in 1 /1/2 hours.
1) holding the hook
2) holding the yarn
3) slip knot
4) making a foundation chain
5) Counting the stitches
6) Slip Stitch (2 types)
7) Double Crochet

My students have now started scarf's as their first WIP's using double crochet.

I thought to take pictures but became so engrossed , i forgot next lesson i promise.

A very positive and productive day alhamduilah.

Haiti Devistated

Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere and has suffered a number of recent disasters, including four hurricanes and storms in 2008 that killed hundreds.

I urge you to donate if you have not already, so much sadness and destruction for theses people.

Muslim Mamma has details of Aid agencies here This could have easily have been you. We just don't know when do we? Images i saw of bodies piled up reminded me of the holocaust. A country in need truly.

"All of a sudden everything was just falling apart ... there was no place to hide"

seasonal in pictures

snow 2010
It's cold outside..............
2010 snow
seasonal flowers

NOt so nice

I was blessed enough to dine out this week and i tried another local eatery that boasted Chinese food as well as Asian. The d├ęcor was lovely and soothing with neon alternate lights flashing gently. The food was not very nice too spicy , the Chinese food was not authentic much to my disappointment and the loud flat screen blaring B4U music didn't help. Why do these Desi places always have to ruin it with a flat screen blasting out Bollywood? I also dislike when they serve drinks in a restaurant in a can and sauces in there bottles, it really lowers the tone. This i expect at a fast food outlet but not a waiter service restaurant. The French have this service mastered , really they have to be the best at this. Anyhow have a look at my pictures , the Grilled panner dish was lovely.
starters desi
shreaded chicken chow mein
panner grill

crochet WIP

Now i have been forced by my 8year old to finish her Hex's cushion. I am not allowed to start another piece until i have done so , so she demands ( i have manged a few sneaky projects here and there). Now the hex's i have fallen out with and could not no more but then i fell back in again and felt quite happy making them. Now joining them had become a chore ! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this is one frustrating piece of work but when you look at the results, it's worth it really don't you think ? Not quite finished but nearly there!
It was really a clear out of WIP some dating as far back as Dec 2008 opps.

bag crochet
Remember this? I had a look thorough my blog post and no i didn't blog it. So why would you remember?

It was to be my first ever Afghan and i had to make 99 squares but i gave up at 15 and made it into a bag instead. At least that project is not lingering on!
crochet bag
I used an old tub of hot chocolate and made it into a charity collection box for my home and used my special yarn to cover it. I really like this glittery yarn fused with black as i have done here.
money tin
A small book sox for my books that get grubby in my hand bag , i sewed some beads on to the flap and used Velcro fastenings.
book sox
This is a felt flag my daughter aged 8 made

Can you guess which country ?

A scarf for dh (my first ever craft for him and he actually asked me yesterday ''where is my scarf?'')and i am hoping to make a skull cap to match it but now i feel the scarf is to thin in width , what do you think?
and finally ta daa...........................My first ever crocheted mittens , thank you Lucy
crocheted mitt
I have only made one at the moment and am working on the other.

The pattern is here and very easy i must add, go on give it a try you know you want too!

Iam here but not in the mood

I have been around just not in the mood to post ...i can't and don't feel like forcing out a post! Its nice to collect my thoughts and blog, a meaningful post. Not to mention i have been busy in the real world not allowing me time for the cyber world.

My oven has finally given up on me after 13 faithful years of service, i feel lost with out it. Even while on its last flames it has not given up on me giving some heat in fact too much heat . So i have been doing what i call blast baking. It's better than no baking at all, it just mean it will get intense heat and cook uneven very quickly. Here are some things i made, edible i may add alhamduilah.

I discovered some lovely new flours by an organic company , spelt flour, barely corn flour and rye. I must say i am totally converted they are great and even better on my stomach as i am not handling wheat for a long time now.
I tryed to make some coconut biscuits but i went a little wrong somewhere and they were more like scones but yummy all the same. I was inspired from here
While on the topic of food , a friend of mine has introduced me to here family remedy for colds and general unwell sip of this and you will be awake if not anything else. A very powerful infusion with instant results mashaAllah!

Ginger and lemon. You boil up the ginger which has been peeled and cut into cubes for about 20 mins reducing it to a simmer. Adding sliced lemon at the end for about 5 mins. Sweeten with honey. Enjoy and get well soon!
lemmon and ginger tea

Prayers for Peace

Prayers for Peace