Thursday, 28 August 2008

Just beacause

A favorite cheese (port Sault) of mine was on offer at the super market and i have not had this cheese for well let's just say a long time, well when i got home i couldn't wait to scoff it down and this is how i did it
I love cheeses with red grapes, i sometimes eat them with cous cous too. It's the small things that make me happy!



some reading i am doing at the moment and i have successfully cupped recently alhamduillah. i dry cupped my own foot this morning , i was going to wet cup it but became worried as the skin thee is tough and i know we have a major artery there so dry cupped to be safe, i must say i feel instant relief with the dry cupping and really benefit from it mashaAllah.

another thing i have been looking into for 2yrs now is cure to sickness by rukkiyyah. when the Dr.s fail to diagnoss illness and its unexplained then rukiqqah can help. i will do a more detailed post on this soon inshaAllah.

Here is a link to rukkiyyah , lay down and listen to it attentively

What's in my garden?

A frog yes a frogPhotobucket
As i went to do some trimming of the bushes something leaped in amongst them and i ran back in thinking it was a mouse or a rat! after much prodding and poking the bushes , me , DS and DD2 we learned it was a frog there hidden in the bushes subhanAllah so we have named it Mr Frogy very original i must add. Just two nights ago we spotted the neighbours cat sitting in wair by the bush for this wee frog, my ds soon moved her along by means of a jug of cold water.

Other things in my garden plants to share with you
I don't know what this is but has taken 4 yrs to grow and bloom.

i don't know the name of this one but it smells Devinne really lemony and it has just recently reveled some white flowers mashaAllah.
This is mint that i planted yes mashaallah sucess for once its for my kitchen and my dh mint tea!
Here are some ivy's


Mashaallah ok i finished my first crochet project well first by following a patern and here it is PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket
It is a jug cover and i am using it for a lidless jug i have and now with itcthing fingers i have started another project a scarf for dd2 (6yrs) and the orders are flying in fast now the kids can see i can do it loool. i like this two tone cotten i saw a while ago insha Allah it comes good.Photobucket

Prayers for Peace

Prayers for Peace