Friday, 29 August 2008

Another Friday Already

Subhanallah that week passed to quickly for my liking, we headed off to for salat al jummah and to meet up with a dear sister i met during my hijrah. She said i looked out of place in London and that i somehow didn't belong here in her image and experience with me. May be she ws right but all is qadr and i acept what my lord offers me .By the time we got inside the kutbah had already started , here they have the same kutbah in English, Arabic and Bangla. The masjid was crowed mashaallah but i was not squashed and prayed with ease. Allah blessed us with the chance to pray a janazzah prayer for 3 women and 1 man. Exiting the masjid we were offered dates , water and a bag of ramandan goodies mashaAllah.

The emphasis of the kutbah was on helping the needy and charity this holy month, just as inflation has risen here for us so has it world wide and this should not make us stingy in giving to those who need it. we should still give inshaAllah. When these needy raise their hands let it be in dua and not for begging, even if you give little do give.

During the kuttbah the iman also said if ramandan fall on Sunday we will be praying salat al tarawiyyah today subhanallah , Tabbarak Allah it hit home yes RAMANDAM is upon us, I would like to wish you a a RAMANDAN KARIM may you all benefit and be blessed with piety ameen.

Prayers for Peace

Prayers for Peace