Wednesday, 30 January 2008

finally found a coat

I have been looking for a suitable winter coat for a long time now, i wear a cape styled head scarf that comes down below my knees i found wearing a coat over it defeted the puropse of the hijab, in the sense the garment is now tight and describing my body shape, not to mention the tightness around the arms and chest with the material of the cape head scarf. Also the creasing of the head scarf when removing it. I opted for wearing tight fitting cardigans under it but these are not warm enough on bitterley cold days, I think its been about 4 years i have been like this , until Ammena on her blog posted about a place she shops online Here and i had a look as the clothes there are really nice but expensive, good for the working woman modest conservative clothing yet stylish. It was also the time of the January sales ,boy do i miss the sales :( well this place has some items on sale and guess what i found a coat!!!! more in the form of a poncho
so witout further hesitation I purchased it !!! I now have it here in Algeria with me alhamduillah , its mashaAllah so lovely , warm and classy,fabric is wool fleece, only down side is it collects fluff. i noted it was made in Syria, i just love it, do you like it ?

Thinking In Life

I had a very special guest over for the last 12 days , so I was not visiting here much, time was limited. I am just thinking about life , all those painful moments , those moments when you have made the wrong choices , events beyond your control. Thinking & feeling is this pain ever going to stop!!!! Will i get through this , what ? when ?who ? why? Then time elapses and weeks , months , years later its just a mere memory .................those grey clouds have dispersed and is that a rainbow emerged in the sky? Any of that sound familiar well i have been doing some thinking and thanking Allah really, as Islam , being a practicing muslimah has helped me so much with such issues in my life , that i know without Allah and my faith would never have handled half as well as i did, also its that feeling of contentment, its a spiritual feeling that i can't explain , my heart is at peace when i am close to my Lord, i feel humble , yet this feeling is a beautiful feeling , a priceless feeling, a feeling of inner and outer peace ..............felt it anyone? also the blessing of time , if time was to stand still the pain would be relived again and again perhaps , the moving of time is a blessing , using of time wisely is a must , when you are in pain , in time you will feel better and the painful time that was once will become a mere memory.

Prayers for Peace

Prayers for Peace