Friday, 14 March 2008

make up/ looking good

just wondering who wears make up and makes an effort to look good for dh or yourself or have you let yourself go? verabradley! i like to try to dress up when i can as it is very easy to let yourself go esp after motherhood ect did you make up as a teen and then after marriage let yourself go? I feel this is an important issue and we should make some effort to look good when we can Photobucket

meeting cyber friends in reality

I went online for the first time ever in October 2006 , due to changes in my life and inabilty to access certian social aspects of life, a dear friend suggested i get online and join a forum initailly to have some formof social life , it was all new to me and i was not a techie type. Now years on mashaAllah i have met great sisters and friens far and wide, i have met a few , its great coz when we meet a lot of the ground work has been done online and its like hanging out with an old mate, subhan Allah i feel so relaxed and at ease. Well anyhow i met kate today , i have met her before last summer but we encountered one another online intially. We had a good gas and chat over a cupaPhotobucket, ofcourse the time flew and was not long enough , Photobucket I even ended up applying make up to her eyes just like teenagers on a sleep over mashaAllah. You know what alhamduillah for life's blessings, good sisters/friends are defo one of them Photobucket

Prayers for Peace

Prayers for Peace