Thursday, 10 December 2009

Seasonal colours

In the UK at this time of year i notice a lot of red, i believe its to do with the pending Christmas season, all around me in the shops and high streets d├ęcor bursting with red. Sometimes glittery, i must say i like the prettiness of it all. I don't celebrate Christmas but living in the west you can not avoid it. So i just take advantage of all things seasonal at this time!
Here are some seasonal pictures of this colour around my kitchen by coincidence of course!
seasonal flowers
seasonal colours
lap top skin crochet

WIP updates

I have been crafting a lot lately mashaallah and i have to say been loving it Alhamduiah ! What a blessing from my Lord that he has blessed me with hands and a sane mind to enable me this humble pleasure. What a lot to be grateful for and not take for advantage.

yarn gifts
A friend and sister in Islam rings me Saturday mid morning and tells me she is at a Lidil Stores and they have lots and lots of pretty yarn at cheep cheep prices, did i want her to get me some? You bet i did , she told me all the different colours ect so i picked out some and here they are yummy yarn!
yarn gifts

As i went to refund her the cost she then informs me its even yummier as its a gift for me from her . Jazak Allahu Khyrun Ukti (may Allah bless you sister).

A scarf for the sister, this pom pom yarn works well with knitting and as you may know not a great knitter but can do the basics!
pom pom scarf knitted
A mug cosy, not finished here in the picture , i invented my own pattern here. I am getting some Velcro today to finish it off.
mug cosy
mug warmer
This is one of my 10 minute fixes ...................Sometimes i have the spontaneous earge to create , slip into the kitchen and a short time later a very rewarding piece is created alhamduilah, TabbarakAllah!
crochet gift
This was made for a dear friend in mind who told me she is a tea cosy type of person!
crochet fix
Next up is another 10 minuite fix , A USB holder soultion for the teen at school. I used the colours to match her uniform.
USB holder crochet
It holds 2 USB's and i used a popper fastener and embellished it with buttons and the ''made with care'' sew ons.
USB holder

Prayers for Peace

Prayers for Peace