Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Seasonal Shopping Stresses

I need to go shopping , just my regular shop , being away from the UK for some years i forgot the big shop out frenzy that takes place the Christmas week.

I shopped on-line on Monday only to find no delivery slots until the 28th when i needed it next day really! Disappointed i went to bed , yesterday just as i was about to leave with my faithfully trolley in tow for the supermarket DH turns up and says he will take me to the superstore. The vehicle que just to get into the car park was at least one mile long. Don't people realises that's telling you something? Its full , go away? We came back home as it was pretty much the same everywhere.
Now i was getting very stressed out as i just wanted my regular weekly shop, ensuring i had a least something to cook over the 4 days shops will be closed. I am shocked at how much people buy for the four day break, its like they think the world will end tomorrow!

I got home grab my faithfully trolley (who needs a car anyhow) and two keen helpers and headed to the local supermarket. Got my veg from the market as well and came home a happier person but still stressed out. I told my son ''that's it i am not coming out until all this is over !'' I am talking after the new year here. It's all to much for me , i dislike greed, over indulgence and over spending! Christmas in the west is mere consumerism, for some its just a culture with no relevance to religion. It's this type of player that annoy's me, i hate hypocrisy and this reminds me of futile pursuits in the name of cloning.

If you want to party and exchange gifts then just do it don't wait for a consumer based society to tell you to do so!

Prayers for Peace

Prayers for Peace