Sunday, 23 November 2008

Project done in a few hours

mashaAllah wanted to try really , just to see if i can and here they are, i always wanted to make booties from a very young age subhan Allah , my duas answered.

As i have no babies in the home or near by right now, they are up for grabs after i wash them, if you are in the UK and would like them free, plz say and i will post them to you free of charge. first to post first get's basis.Forgot to mention i am nursing a sore back so its got me resting on the sofa , so having time to crochet alhamduilah , i am doing a pair of socks now, i got the hoooking bug............

Its snowing ........

did autumn really pass us by so quickly? here is how it was at 8am
the frist glimmer and excitement
the apple tree

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Finshed Projects

Used this boys pattern but made it girlie with colour and a flower
A hat and scarf for dd7 and mittens are in progress

A Book Soc to keep her Quran from getting grubby in her bag for madrassa.The pattern is here but i modified it a little with a draw string and flower.
Now as for the flower it was from a book i have at home but there are ample online also to get a bigger flower i used a 6mm hook.

Monday, 17 November 2008

Tajweed Ability And Enabling

After embarking on one of my ''return goals''mashaAllah the return being to the UK, oh maybe i never listed them i had some goals in mind that i developed during my 3yrs as a muhajrah. In the face of my own life there and my happiness and hardships i decided there were things i needed in life to continue and that were going to be etenssil in my survival in this dunniyyah as a muslimah as i can not contemplate a life any other way.
Alhamduillah learning Al Quran fluently was one infact it was top of the list. I enrolled myself on a course at an Islamic College yes in London mashaallah , alhamduilah for the mercy of this. The course is based on a book written by “Tajweed Rules of the
Qur’an: Part One” by Kareema Carol Czerepinski. The course is taught in English and includes coverage of the basic rules of Tajweed in theory and practical application. This for me was Paramount as i tried to learn in Algeria with very able sisters mashaAllah but sadly could not benefit as i had wished due to my own in ability of being able to have a fluent ground in the Classical Arabic language (Arbia Forca) Allah Al must'aan. I have a lot of admiration for this American revert sister Kareema who's chain can be traced back to the Prophet Mohammad, peace be upon him. Qur’anic recitation is taught according to the Islamic tradition. “When we have recited
it, repeat the recitation” (75:18). The Angel Jibreel recited the revelation to the blessed
Prophet Mohammad, peace be upon him, hence we too must, receive the Qur’an and
learn it in this way: from a qualified teacher who is connected in a knowledge chain to
the Prophet Mohammad, peace and blessings be upon him. Students learn through
listening to a qualified Qur’an teacher recite, reciting to the teacher and receiving
corrections from the teacher.
Some of the things we have already covered
• Introduction to Tajweed and Virtues of learning the Qur’an
• Principles of Tajweed
• Manners when reciting Qur’an
• Rules of “seeking refuge” and the “basmalah” in recitation of the Qur’an
• Articulation points and some characteristics for the letters: qalqala, whistling
plus others
• The Ghunnah
• Rules of noon saakinah: idhar, idgham, iqlab, ikhfaa
• Rules of meem saakinah
• Rules of laam saakinah
and will cover
• Articulation points and some characteristics for the letters: qalqala, whistling
plus others
• The Ghunnah
• Rules of noon saakinah: idhar, idgham, iqlab, ikhfaa
• Rules of meem saakinah
• Rules of laam saakinah
• Rules of two alike, two similar, two close letters
• Tafkheem and Tarqeeq – lightness and heaviness
• Rules of the letter ‘raa’
• Rules of hamza‐wasl
• Mudood – elongations
Really All praises to Allah, the Lord of the worlds it will be the best £70 you could ever spend. After this level one there s level 2 and also begginers classes.
I have discovered this wonderful site mshaAllah so useful and i can learn from it to re-enforce my studies, its a Tajweed pod cast. If you are interested in learning please you must go look. I found it via umm Hibaat's Quran Blog . I just did the hamzat el wastle lession and it really helped to re-enforce what i have been learning at school if not explain it better. One thing i have learnt as a total struggle in Quran is it needs to be consistent and you need to have a zeal and love to learn inshaAllah. Dua is also good. I hope someone can benifit from this post and make dua we can all strive to learn Al Qur'aan for it to intercede for us on a day when it will really matter ameen.

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Pain bulgare "Tournesol"

Well i had another go at another of Jamila's recipes, thing is i forgot the eggs opp's but it was nice all the same. here is the recipe in French


Friday, 14 November 2008

comfort food

for my lot YES.......some rice and a chicken curry


put it together and you have yum


Chocolate Chip Cookies

Yes Jamila has done it again mashaAlllah, yet again with her wonderful delights in the Kitchen a recipe to crave for chocolate chip cookies here's mine.......

I think next time i will leave them in the oven longer.

Monday, 10 November 2008

Up date of an older post

I had the chance to expierence an Islamic death while i was in Algeria in May , i wanted to blog events at that time and started to but was un able till now and i have updated events and here is part one.
tears Pictures, Images and Photos

Friday, 7 November 2008

Dua Of Ibrahim‏

And recite to them the story of Ibrahim (Abraham).
When he said to his father and his people: "What do you worship?"
They said: "We worship idols, and to them we are ever devoted."
He said: "Do they hear you, when you call (on them)?
"Or do they benefit you or do they harm (you)?"
They said: "Nay, but we found our fathers doing so."
He said: "Do you observe that which you have been worshipping,
"You and your ancient fathers?
"Verily! They are enemies to me, save the Lord of the Alameen (mankind, jinns and all that exists);
"Who has created me, and it is He Who guides me;
"And it is He Who feeds me and gives me to drink.
"And when I am ill, it is He who cures me;
"And Who will cause me to die, and then will bring me to life (again);
"And Who, I hope will forgive me my faults on the Day of Recompense, (the Day of Resurrection),"
y Lord! Bestow Hukman (religious knowledge, right judgement of the affairs and Prophethood) on me, and join me with the righteous;
And grant me an honourable mention in later generations;
And make me one of the inheritors of the Paradise of Delight;
And forgive my father, verily he is of the erring;
And disgrace me not on the Day when (all the creatures) will be resurrected;
The Day whereon neither wealth nor sons will avail,
Except him who brings to Allah a clean heart (clean from Shirk (polytheism) and Nifaq (hypocrisy)).
And Paradise will be brought near to the Muttaqoon (
And the (Hell) Fire will be placed in full view of the erring.
And it will be said to them: "Where are those (the false gods whom you used to set up as rivals with Allah) that you used to worship
"Instead of Allah? Can they help you or (even) help themselves?"
Then they will be thrown on their faces into the (Fire), They and the Ghawoon (devils, and those who were in error).
And the whole hosts of Iblees (Satan) together.
They will say while contending therein,
By Allah, we were truly in a manifest error,
When We held you (false gods) as equals (in worship) with the Lord of the Alameen (mankind, jinns and all that exists);
And none has brought us into error except the Mujrimoon (Iblees (Satan) and those of human beings who commit crimes, murderers, polytheists, oppressors, etc.).
Now we have no intercessors,
Nor a close friend (to help us).
(Alas!) If we only had a chance to return (to the world), we shall truly be among the believers!
Verily! In this is indeed a sign, yet most of them are not believers.
And verily, your Lord! He is truly the All-Mighty, the Most Merciful.
Ash-Shu3arah (26) 69 - 104

Thursday, 6 November 2008

What have I been up to?

All kinds emotionally but alhamduilah there is no feeling of being a Muslimah that pleases me more and gives me that drive to continue to want more alhamduilah.

Well i enrolled myself on a Tajweed course at an Islamic college, i wanted to start at the basics but they tested me at the interview and was told level one it is for me mashaAllah much to my own suprise, so far alhamduilah i am learning and i actually understand, not saying i can apply all the rules as some are hard like the Qalqlah and the mushadda, i have never used them so need practice inshaAllah. There is a lot of deep tajweed theory that we are learning, i never really expected so much in this course , i just had this strong desire to learn to read quraan and be confident in it . i mean reading it like we do a book fluently. I just felt this it enough is enough , i have to learn this it may be my last chance, i just don't know how long i have in the life, ability and means. I knew it will be the best £70 i ever spent and i need the intersession of the Quraan for the day when not much else will mater but my deeds. Now i have been told there is an exam and we will have the mock in December yikess. i do hope i will achieve my goal to be able to read fluently inshaallah and hop i can go onto level 2.

I had a course of injections done yesterday with that device, wow stung the life out of me. Had about four done on the upper chest. For a niggling Keliod. I have had the first course and may have to have more next month depending on the result of these ones, just praying it will go inshaallah.

W.I.P> no pictures but after much prompting from my craft inspirer I have a hat and scarf on the go for my dd7 to be soon inshaAllah. The hats done and will add pictures soon and have my sights on a Book Soc for my younger two for their qur'aans for Quran school , so they wont get grubby inshaallah will keep you posted.

Have not been in the kitchen much so no delights to show you but fancy a syrupy cake you know the one .........when its taken out of the tin it has jam or syrup on the bottom ohhhhhhhh yummy with custard , upside down cake? will look for a nice recipe reminds me of my school dinners. A place where i learnt all about Western cuisine as in my home my mum only cooked traditional Punjabi foods. with the odd English we would have fish and chips on a Friday home made, boiled veg was a far as my mother knew to go with English cooking and i believe i introduced pasta to the kitchen when i was about 16yrs old. so looked forward to shool dinners , different food , pies , gravy deserts chocolate pudding alhamduilah my school dinners where not mush but they were lovely and i have fond memories of the school dinners till this day.

My DH's Nephew left yesterday and Subhan Allah left an emptiness in my home and my son misses his cousin. Well back to home schooling now, something i am struggling with and not really enjoying. i feel the kids need more and more often , the guilt in this area is killing me and not letting us have a healthy relationship. As this time in my life i have too many battles to fight i feel i have to let one go and the HE maybe the one ..........we see what unfolds.

apart from that it was Guy Fawkes last night here in the UK of noise last night. Again another childhood memory of all the bonfire nights we shared as kids , sparklers and conkers....anyhow getting all nostalgic today. There have been other celebrations in the communities in the UK like Diwali for the Hindus but Some Sikh's celebrate it too just as some non Christians celebrate Christmas. I mention Diwali as my maternal family celebrate i keep away but its is also noticed in the area i live in and they too celebrate with fireworks.
fireworks Pictures, Images and Photos

I must say i like the fireworks and the prettiness of the colours in the night sky but disagree with burring and wasting money in this way!

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Fighting the devil that haunts you.................

That stops you from remembering Allah , that trys to diploy his workers and send them upon your life and distroy you, the one that comes in the human form and causes disunity and pain. The ones that haunt you in your sleep and when you are awake, the ones that whisper constantly day and night to you , the ones that will drive you to insanity................Allah Al must'aan.
“And Shaitân (Satan) will say when the matter has been decided: “Verily, Allah promised you a promise of truth. And I too promised you, but I betrayed you. I had no authority over you except that I called you, so you responded to me. So blame me not, but blame yourselves. I cannot help you, nor can you help me. I deny your former act in associating me (Satan) as a partner with Allah (by obeying me in the life of the world). Verily, there is a painful torment for the Zâlimûn (polytheists and wrong-doers, etc.).” (14:22)

Protection of the best kind...............
1. Tahaarah (Purity)
2. Tilaawah (Reciting the Qur’aan)
3. Dhikr
4. Salah (which is very important)

control only over those who acquiesce and surrender themselves to his authority. Almighty Allah says: “Most certainly, My servants–you cannot exercise control over them except those who are deviant who follow you.” (Al-Hijr: 42) “Most certainly he (Satan) has no power over those who truly cherish faith and are trusting upon their Lord; rather his power is limited only to those who take him as a protector (besides God) and thus associate partners with Him.” (An-Nahl: 99-100)

The first and foremost requirement is to believe firmly that no one, however great his powers may be, can benefit or harm you except if Allah wills it. The Qur’an reminds us repeatedly that a true believer must believe firmly that Allah alone is the One Who can give us benefit or harm in an absolute sense; everything that befalls us from humans or other creatures is only secondary and is achieved only through the power derived from Allah; so the best remedy and cure is to continuously seek protection and refuge in Allah. Satan and all of his tricks and weapons could be defeated and rendered utterly ineffective if Allah wills.

I give below a number of selections of verses of the Qur’an and du`a’ which you can recite on a regular basis:

1) Al-Fatihah

2) Last three chapters of the Qur’an (i.e., Surahs 112, 113, 114)

3) Ayat al-Kursi (i.e., Al-Baqarah: 255)

Besides the above, repeat the following du`a’s on a regular basis both in the morning and evening three times or more:

1) Bismillahi alladhi la yadurru ma`a ismihi shay’un fi al-ardi wa la fi as-sama’i wa huwa as-sami`u al-`alim

(In the name of Allah; with His name, nothing whatsoever on earth or heaven can inflict any harm; He is All-Hearing and All-Knowing).

2) Hasbiya Allahu la ilaha illa huwa `alayhi tawakkaltu wahuwa rabbu al-`arshi al-`azhim

(Allah suffices me; there is no god but He; in Him I place my sole trust; He is the Lord of the mighty Throne).

3) Allaahumma ini a`duhu bika min hamazati ash-shayatin wa a`udhu bika rabbi an yahdurun

(O Allah, I seek refuge in You from the whisperings of Satan; my Lord, I seek refuge in You from their presence around me).

4) A`udhu bi `izzati Allahi wa qudratihi mimma ajidu wa uhadhiru

(I seek refuge in Allah’s glory and power from the affliction and pain I experience and suffer from).

It is important to remember that du`a’ and dhikr will only benefit when it comes from a heart that firmly believes in Allah, and thus cherishes firm conviction in Allah’s power and sovereignty.”

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Getting Life on an Even keel............

never is an easy task is it? As time goes on we change life circumstances change. Sometimes for the better and sometimes for the not so better. Iam a great believer in DESTINY and i believe this is shaped out for me by my CREATOR, Allah. Sometimes we want things and we don't get them. Some days things didn't go our way..rather than feel down hearted did it occur to you that Allah removed It to replace it with something better? At the time we may feel disappointed , sad and heart broken but as time heals these emotions we think back and say alhamduilah its was not good for me anyhow. As a wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend and al the other things i am i am making decisions that effect others esp those close to me , hoping its the right decision the right choices for i will be accountable to Allah for them.
Moderation is a key word in my life i try to be moderate in all aspects avoiding extreme and lack off. This i hope will give me a healthy balance hence the even keel.

Prayers for Peace

Prayers for Peace