Monday, 23 June 2008

forgot to mention....

Why the cooking spout ? my DS had his op today , just a day case but i was so worried for him i ended up doing a cooking frenzy in a few hours alhamduilah helped to take my mind of things a little and treat loved ones mashaAllah. the chicken soup was for him especially. He is OK being pampered by 3 women of the house, who would complain to that. He has been sleeping most of the day and eating chocolate.

Rais (rais tunis)

You will need coarse semolina,soften butter, stoned dates and small amount of chopped nuts of your choice, I used walnuts. This is a north African recipe for Rais.

500 gramm (2 cups) of semolina not the flour one
500 gramms of date paste needs to be sticky when mixed in with other ingredents so it will bind, if the dates are dry just steam them in a couscousier type steamer.
150 gramms of butter (I take 200)

Fry semolina on pan without oil untill it is golden. Make butter soft (I use microwave). Put everything together and here you go And then the most creative part - making different shapes out it

mange tout et les carrots

I used a little olive oil and sauteed some minced garlic & ginger, salt , pepper and a little sprinkle of canyne pepper. Stir fried this all with the carrots that i had previously steamed and chopped and the mange tout, a delightful side dish.

Warm Salad

New potatoes, boiled eggs, red onions, sprig of mint and some parsley, black olives dress with any dressing of your choice.

Can be eaten cold but i like mine slightly warm.

Quick Chicken Soup with homemade croutons
1 onion, carrots plenty of fresh coriander, generous cut of butter,1 small potato,1 veg stock cube.
Put it all in a pan and add boiling water and then add previously steamed boneless chicken.
Once veg is done blend it with the hand blender.
Toast some bread on a high setting in the toaster.
Remove from toaster and cut in to small squares.

Charity Bazzar

After swiming we went to see an old friend who had invited me to gain some reward for my own hereafter by part taking in sadaqah jarriyah (on going charity), well we arrived on time and i ended up helping, serving the food. Was a lovely day and nice to meet up with the sisters again mashaAllah a lovely set of sisters , may allah grant them hightest paridse ameen. i didn't buy much apart from the food, yum buriyani and spanish pasta salad. I did find this rather nice plate for 50p, i was going to use it as a tea bag plate but decided to hand it instead.

The event was held in the sisters home, her noble effort is so inspiring mashaAllah.

Swiming for Muslim Women& Girls

I took the girls swiming , as they need to learn and need sports in their lives. it was a one hour session cost £3 , its in a pool in a school hired out on a sunday to the muslims who run sessions for sisters and brothers on sunday mornings. I didn't swim but had a look and may go next week depending on how i feel as i need to learn too. They have a female life guard on hand and she is great to help you out to learn to swim. i met a sister there who was also sitting out the session and she said if i came next week with a float she will teach me to swim, so i can't complain now can I? The women wear leggins and long tee shirts, best adviced to wear a coustume under the teeshirt so that it won't cling when wet.


here are some items belonging to my dd 6yrs old, we decided to get her a ring to so that way noone needs to watch her all the time, she loves it, dd 14yrs old loved it but said it would be more fun if you can swim , she needs to get learning.

Prayers for Peace

Prayers for Peace