Monday, 15 September 2008

Assuming and Assumptions

Assuming and assumptions ,this is my rant, i feel so sad that others have to judge me. Why because i choose not to disclose details about my hardship! Why do others feel they have to know everything about ones life? if i choose not to disclose then they make there own assumptions.
I have returned to the UK as being 3yrs alone without a husband , kids without a father and a husband without a wife was enough for all so we re united alhamduilah..

Now i am getting assumptions made by others that my being away was likely to make my DH unchaste, astfirillah i have heard it all now!
others assuming i left coz i hated it , why can't my hardships be my pain , why can't my hardships be more intense in Algeria? Why does hardship mean i am unhappy?

So just for the record yes i am glad i went to Algeria it really made me , made me spiritually and mentally, the hardships were and are a test and without them, however did i think i was going to come closer to Allah.

I went to Algeria because i wanted to, not forced by a dominate , DH or otherwise all my doing alhamduillah.

Choose to come back to be togehter and tackle life's test TOGETHER inshaAllah.

Learnt a lot from Algeria yes , about me about others, good and bad.

i a just sick and tired of hearing '' i told you so'' and 'you should have never have left'' ''the UK is better ''


Prayers for Peace

Prayers for Peace