Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Now wot's being said ere then matie?

Prince Harry 'Paki' row: Prince facing Army discipline over 'sickening' comments

Now i don't usually do Politics but this one has touch a cord with all i am seeing at the moment is 'its ok'', ''it was not meant with malice'' ''Asians use this term between themselves'' Well i for one don't know any that do,if i did ever come accross it over my life time i was sure to put them right. why am i getting on my high horse when i am from India? Well it never mattered throughout my life in the UK in the sense the racist never difentiated they all tarred us Paki and i used to think silly people can't even get the country right and they are supossed to be better?, I remember the thick of it in the early 80's when i was just a little girl. Actually it was my first awaking of the word 'paki', this is why i will never support its use among Asians , non Asians and a member of the royal family that represent multi cultural Brittan.
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It was one sunny day in July or August around 6pm in the early 1980's. There was a group of us about 3 Aunties, mum and about 6 kids we were coming back from social event as i recall we were all dressed up , mum in a sari and all colourful and shiny. As we turned into our road there were two boys , they could not been more than 14yrs old. started calling us 'paki' and 'pakis' go back home you smelly pakis'. I could sense the fear in the aunties eyes while they told us to keep together and quicken our pace. Then a brick comes flying over narrowly missing my mum. All in the name of 'paki', then a car Aeriel comes flying over hitting me on my head all in the name of 'paki' One of the aunts shouts out in a heavy Asian accent F... off you B..... and we make a run for it.

Now just after the Sept 11th attacts in the US i was really racially verbally abused heavily pregnat at 8 1/2months by a white man part of the abuse was pakis f... off back home, well for his information i am at home, again silly man, has he no education, does he not know Britian is multi cultural? That I am British? I don't hold duel nationality? so where do you want me to go? I have actually spent more time in Algeria than India anyhow besides the point.
This word when i have encountered it is always used as a racist term, so how can it not be suddenly?

Now you tell me this term is not racist? I remember thinking i would mind but iam not even Pakistani but that's the cowards way out...............they don't care we all the same to then racist , bad mannered , igront persons. You telling me people happily use the term paki and don't see it as racist. It used to say painted on the walls through out my childhood ''paki's out' we have now 2009 since come a long way in this field here in Great Britain or have we?

See for your self, i know there are more things happening in the world where i wish to focus my energies but this one i had to speak out.

Prayers for Peace

Prayers for Peace