Thursday, 20 March 2008

outing with the kids

I am trying to relax and de-stress and enjoy my time in the UK with the family inshaAllah, I decided to take the kids to The Childhood Museum in London. So this is how our day unfolded its was bitterly cold to start with but i braved it and went as time is short subhan Allah.
A sweet house
chocolate house
a chocolate house
I really like the museum and it was a blast into my childhood and i was suprised , we all enjoyed it and i was able to reminiss and thell the kids about my past and some things they related to as i had spoke about certian toys before and i couldn't belive it when i saw them on display subhanAllah. just wondering if any of you ladies can relate to these old toys?
care bears care bears
sotty show the sotty show
Photobucket wozzel gumage and aunt sally
jemmima Jemmima
old women in a shoe The Old Lady Who lived In A Shoe
gollly wog Remember Golly?
muppet show The Mupet Show din't see miss piggy though!
papa smurf papa smurf
Transformers old style
starwars star wars
paddinton bear Paddington Bear
Photobucket Dr. Who
punks This ones for Kate!!!!
wonder woman Wonder Woman
peace badges Anti Racism badges, did you own one Kate???
indian ken and barbie Asian (Desi) Ken and Barbie

A Taste Of Desi Home

indian sweets
do you like indian sweets? burfi's, ladoos, gulab jumans, chum chum and besan? I like a bite sometimes thats if i cant get to it before the kids do, green buri is very popular in my home. a nice cup of desi chai and a bit of besan.

Reflection Time While I Watch The Rain

what is it about being in the UK and rain subhanAllah, its expected , i am not complaing hence my latest poll, i must mention masha Allah i am glad all who voted never voted a dislike to the rain. As where would we be without it subhanAllah. rain is such a blessing from Allah , it nourishes the earth , gives us drinking water but its not only us humans that benefit from it its the animals and earth too subhan Allah. now me and rain go way bad and i adore the rain , i love the look of it , the feel, the taste even, i like the way everything looks after it has rained, i like the grey sky and cosy atmosphere it creates indoors. its in the rain i often reflect and deep think, the rain is like a therapy for me , its soothes my thoughts and inspires me. Its on rainy days i sat by the window gazing out and making dua to ''God'' to guide me to the meaning of life and show me my purpose , subhan allah tabarak Allah this was when i was 13yrs old and a non muslimah , i would never have imagned at that time He was listening to me and later to answer that very dua as i converted to Islam at 19, so that was 6 yrs later and it shows Alah does answer the duas of non belivers Subhan Allah.
cosy rain london

Prayers for Peace

Prayers for Peace