Thursday, 20 March 2008

Reflection Time While I Watch The Rain

what is it about being in the UK and rain subhanAllah, its expected , i am not complaing hence my latest poll, i must mention masha Allah i am glad all who voted never voted a dislike to the rain. As where would we be without it subhanAllah. rain is such a blessing from Allah , it nourishes the earth , gives us drinking water but its not only us humans that benefit from it its the animals and earth too subhan Allah. now me and rain go way bad and i adore the rain , i love the look of it , the feel, the taste even, i like the way everything looks after it has rained, i like the grey sky and cosy atmosphere it creates indoors. its in the rain i often reflect and deep think, the rain is like a therapy for me , its soothes my thoughts and inspires me. Its on rainy days i sat by the window gazing out and making dua to ''God'' to guide me to the meaning of life and show me my purpose , subhan allah tabarak Allah this was when i was 13yrs old and a non muslimah , i would never have imagned at that time He was listening to me and later to answer that very dua as i converted to Islam at 19, so that was 6 yrs later and it shows Alah does answer the duas of non belivers Subhan Allah.
cosy rain london

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shasha said...

this photo so sweet i like rain buti hate the vog plz visit my blog today for rasol allah

Prayers for Peace

Prayers for Peace