Thursday, 11 September 2008



I don't have a sweet tooth but my Algerian counterparts on the other hand have very very sweet tooths generally subhanAllah. Here are some Tarts my dh brings home , i like looking but can't eat. which one are you? I quite like the rum baba but have not been able to sink my teeth in yet! Often i scrape the filling and eat the pastry cases!

Pakora's Desi Style

Happy Muslim mama here they are my own Punjabi Pakoras , similar to your recipe only i add lemon juice and all kinds of veg and do different variations, here are my Aloo palak.. Potatoes, onions, spinach
I add Natural yogurt for softness and fluffiness.
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When there is left over batter and no veg left i cut up sliced bread into triangles and coat in batter and fry they make a great filling snack for the kids and well elders like em too.

An Old Shorba , New style..............

This is Stranger in the dunniyah's shorba take two for me
I must say the second attempt has come out better and more taster, like they say practice makes perfect. you have a look
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Prayers for Peace

Prayers for Peace