Saturday, 5 July 2008

Jam and cream doughnuts

An addition to my doughnuts , i wanted to try something different, so jam and cream and this is what i got! Also when i was out lately i saw a cream doughnut on sale for 99p and i was shocked , too expensive, so i decided to make my own, as when you have a large family and you buying for all its can add up pretty fast and my version more healthy i am sure, Do you like?
Photobucket Photobucket

Citrus snail rolls

I fancied baking today and some thing filling , i find breads made with semolina are heavy in texture and bite, more filling so in line with my frugal cooking month, i invented these, fusion cooking , i used equal amounts of semolina and plain flour, yeast, milk, an egg, salt and sugar. I grated the rind of an orange about a tablespoon.

I shaped and brushed the rolls with egg and sprinkled them with sesame seeds and aniseed's.
Photobucket leave them in a warm place to rise before baking.


Prayers for Peace

Prayers for Peace