Thursday, 6 November 2008

What have I been up to?

All kinds emotionally but alhamduilah there is no feeling of being a Muslimah that pleases me more and gives me that drive to continue to want more alhamduilah.

Well i enrolled myself on a Tajweed course at an Islamic college, i wanted to start at the basics but they tested me at the interview and was told level one it is for me mashaAllah much to my own suprise, so far alhamduilah i am learning and i actually understand, not saying i can apply all the rules as some are hard like the Qalqlah and the mushadda, i have never used them so need practice inshaAllah. There is a lot of deep tajweed theory that we are learning, i never really expected so much in this course , i just had this strong desire to learn to read quraan and be confident in it . i mean reading it like we do a book fluently. I just felt this it enough is enough , i have to learn this it may be my last chance, i just don't know how long i have in the life, ability and means. I knew it will be the best £70 i ever spent and i need the intersession of the Quraan for the day when not much else will mater but my deeds. Now i have been told there is an exam and we will have the mock in December yikess. i do hope i will achieve my goal to be able to read fluently inshaallah and hop i can go onto level 2.

I had a course of injections done yesterday with that device, wow stung the life out of me. Had about four done on the upper chest. For a niggling Keliod. I have had the first course and may have to have more next month depending on the result of these ones, just praying it will go inshaallah.

W.I.P> no pictures but after much prompting from my craft inspirer I have a hat and scarf on the go for my dd7 to be soon inshaAllah. The hats done and will add pictures soon and have my sights on a Book Soc for my younger two for their qur'aans for Quran school , so they wont get grubby inshaallah will keep you posted.

Have not been in the kitchen much so no delights to show you but fancy a syrupy cake you know the one .........when its taken out of the tin it has jam or syrup on the bottom ohhhhhhhh yummy with custard , upside down cake? will look for a nice recipe reminds me of my school dinners. A place where i learnt all about Western cuisine as in my home my mum only cooked traditional Punjabi foods. with the odd English we would have fish and chips on a Friday home made, boiled veg was a far as my mother knew to go with English cooking and i believe i introduced pasta to the kitchen when i was about 16yrs old. so looked forward to shool dinners , different food , pies , gravy deserts chocolate pudding alhamduilah my school dinners where not mush but they were lovely and i have fond memories of the school dinners till this day.

My DH's Nephew left yesterday and Subhan Allah left an emptiness in my home and my son misses his cousin. Well back to home schooling now, something i am struggling with and not really enjoying. i feel the kids need more and more often , the guilt in this area is killing me and not letting us have a healthy relationship. As this time in my life i have too many battles to fight i feel i have to let one go and the HE maybe the one ..........we see what unfolds.

apart from that it was Guy Fawkes last night here in the UK of noise last night. Again another childhood memory of all the bonfire nights we shared as kids , sparklers and conkers....anyhow getting all nostalgic today. There have been other celebrations in the communities in the UK like Diwali for the Hindus but Some Sikh's celebrate it too just as some non Christians celebrate Christmas. I mention Diwali as my maternal family celebrate i keep away but its is also noticed in the area i live in and they too celebrate with fireworks.
fireworks Pictures, Images and Photos

I must say i like the fireworks and the prettiness of the colours in the night sky but disagree with burring and wasting money in this way!


Adventurous Ammena said...

course sounds cool... might be something i will look into insha'allah when im down there officially

muslimah trying to home edu said...

Assalamu alaykum ukhti, your post is so refreshing mash'Allah!
Hope you are feeling better after the injection with that scary thing. never saw one of them things. And never heard of keloid (or whatever is the spelling). May Allah make it easy for you and give you a quick recovery.Amin
The Tajweed classes sounds great, it reminds me when i used to go. Mash'Allah. Learning how to read the Qur'an in Arabic and with the tajweed rules is so important and very beneficial. May allah bless you with it.Amin
much love and dua'as

Indyana said...

As salam alaykum sister! Loved reading your post and congratulations on the chance to learn to read the Qur'an in the way intended! Subhan Allah,you are lucky! I feel the same way about my need to improve my reading skills but have little choice here, but to trudge on my own! I am yet o find a good online site for this!Take care!:)

Ummsaaz said...

Assalamaulikum sister..

I too enjoy the diwali bonfires.

Ummsaaz said...

Its Great you joined a tajweed class sis.
I didnt know you were un well.
I hope you recover soon.
take care.
And pls dont fear,as hasbeeyallahu nameel wakeel.(Allah is sufficient for us).

Prayers for Peace

Prayers for Peace