Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Spring break and all things new

The children have had school holidays for spring, the weather picked up a little but still chilly cold at times, I have managed to mow the lawn (if you can call it that, that's my bald patchy grass I am taking about and not my skill of mowing) and part furnish the garden but still have not been able to sit outside and soak up the sun as of yet, soon I am hoping. I erected the outdoor airer so maybe I may just hang the washing outside today, I will see how the day unfolds.
We finally took part in the earth hour a few weeks ago but I forgot to photograph as I was too busy having fun. The children liked it and we told a one word story and had some chocolate treats during it.

It's been a while since I started writing that post and only just back to finish it. The last few weeks and more have been testing to say the least but alhamduilah, I am still here to tell the tale. Sometimes in life we have that comfy chair that has a soft cushion and when we sit in it daily we feel secure and safe. Content and happier sitting each day out with this comfort. Then one day the cushion is taken away and our comfort and security are no longer the same. We feel down , we feel stressed and times are going to be a little hard on that chair until one day we will be able to get that comfy cushion again.

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Prayers for Peace

Prayers for Peace