Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Where do I start?

Opps...............it has been so long , sorry! I have heaps of photos to add here to new blogs that tell me so. I will have to do it in stages. I must admit i have missed you ladies.

What has kept me away ? This time a combination of everything , there have been days over the past month when i just wanted a ME PC day but never got it! I have a teen who has so much course work its coming out of her ears. My PC time is not the only one suffering, other stuff in my life has too.
I have started my degree programme towards finishing my studies inshaAllah. This was very daunting at first and i was very worried about not having time to be honest. I have been reading away , that's academic reading. I am to write my first piece of written work soon. I must admit i am enjoying the whole process and learning . Your prayers for my success would be greatly appreciated.
I have had some illness in the home , alhamduilah the regular or irregular seasonal sniffs and coughs.

We have had a half term recently , that was great fun for all mashaAllah , with some outings (will blog ).

New crafts to try after a visit to the craft fair not so long ago.

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Prayers for Peace

Prayers for Peace