Friday, 5 February 2010

feel like sharing


The skill used for this piece of crochet is truly amazing , no not my work but i hope inshaAllah to be just as skilled one day . .
I felt the need to put out a post today. No particular reason just have not been cyber active for some weeks now and felt a need.

The world has evolved to a cyber revolution. Sometimes i feel everything is happening here and we are loosing aspects of the real world slowly.

I am feeling rather content and happy today alhamdulah , thanking Allah for all the blessings i have been blessed with and those that i have not .

I cupped (hijamah) 2 lovely Somali ladies this morning. They left very happy mashaAllah.

I went to visit an elderly lady from Morocco yesterday , who feels isolated and lonely having left her native land just 4years ago due to personal reasons. This situation is hard , hard for me to see and even harder for this dear old lady to live Allah Al Must'aan. The west can be a very lonely place, lack of community for that generation makes it not the right place to be at that point in your lives.

I am reading ''Anne Frank's Diary'' , I have never actually read her diary but knew of her for so long. It's really very interesting, the hardships endured and her relationship with her mother. Also an insight into life for a Jew at that time. I am only half way through.

My son has damaged my memory card so no pictures but i am of to tour the Olympic site and will be taking a camera along. Hope to have some nice pictures to share.

Watch this space.....................


Emma said...

Masha'Allah, may Allah reward you for your good deeds!
The cake looks fab, bet it took ages to make.........

I read Anne Frank as part of my English A Level- very insightful
Take care, Emma x

seekingjenna said...

salams! nice to see you again! :)
Duas for the morrocan lady miskeena...may Allah give her ease in her affairs, ameen.

Anonymous said...

Sister, you should know, The Diary of Anne Frank is a fake. There are bits of the book that were written by Anne Frank, but these are the minority. Most of it was made up by her father, who later admitted to it.
Yes Jews did suffer during the second world war, but so did many, many others.
And if Jews went through such a bad time then, why are they putting Muslims through worse in Palestine now for the past 60 years!
Lets all try and be a bit more smart with our reading material.

Rainbow In The Grey Sky said...

Emma said...

The cake looks fab, bet it took ages to make.........

Aslamu alakum sisters and friends
Emma i NEVER made the cake , i found it on line and liked it and would love to be skilled enough to make something like this one day inshaAllah!

Anonymous ukti

I know lots of people suffer during war every day past and present . I condone such act of oppression against Muslim and non Muslim alike Civilian population should never be abused ever in any way. I like to learn ukti about life and what has happened past and present. Anne frank's dairy is a good insight into her life and emotions at the time when great crimes were being committed against all.

I don't really read Novels or secular books for many many years now but the odd book may grab my attention. JazakAllahu khyrun for your advice uktiu.

Rainbow In The Grey Sky said...

Aslamu alakum ukti Claire
lovely to read you here ukti .

Umm Salihah said...

Assalam-alaikam Sis,
finally got my turn on the computer and got to catch up with your blog, I like the new look.

I read Anne Franks diary when I was a teenager and what struck me was that even in her unique situation, her way of htinking was like any other teenager.

I saw the olympic site from Holden Point some time ago, it must have come on miles since then. Look forward to seeing your pics.

Sorry to hear about the Morroccan sister, my best friend is Morrocan and her mum is housebound, but she might be a good person for the sister to talk with? E-mail me if you want me to put them in touch.

Adventurous Ammena said...

good to hear from u.. was getting worried.. I have no texts until feb 22nd which is why I havent been in touch with u or anyone ;) send my salams to amatullah too and insha'Allah see u soon

Jennifer said...

salaams! masha'allah sis, so beautiful!

i have moved from jamilascreations to chasingchildrenandrecipes

come visit!

Prayers for Peace

Prayers for Peace