Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Ripple help

I have ran into a spot of bother with my latest WIP remember this post?
Its the ends they are working into a decrease instead of straight! Any ideas anyone and help?
I feel disheartened to try again as it was tricky to start with :(


Attic24 said...

looks to me like you might be forgetting to make the first stitch after your initial chain-3 at the beginning of each row...this extra stitch kind of ends up making an increase V at the beginning before you go on and tr 4 etc etc...does that make sense? The same at the must remember at teh end of each row to make an increase v stitch (ie 2 tr's) into the top of the chain-3 from the previous row. without these xtra stitches at either end, your work will decrease.
Hope this helps

Rainbow In The Grey Sky said...

Thank you Lucie for taking time to come over and look. I had a closer inspection and you are right , as i was undoing the old piece pictured here i made a mess of it and now i have started a new piece and lets see what happens.

Thanks again!

Prayers for Peace

Prayers for Peace