Wednesday, 2 September 2009


The schools re-opened for my children this week , today i am offically alone at home and the holidays are over! Too soon if you ask me. My DH and 2 children are still in Algeria and are due back on Saturday as they will take their ferry tommorow to cross over to Marselle, France. I can't wait to see them i have missed them but have also enjoyed the rest and break from the routine. I have had time to bond with the youngest as its just been me and her for the past five weeks.

My son has been ill while away he was in hospital , severe food posioning , its been hard on my DH but the consulation for me is alhamduilah he has the support of all his family there mashaAllah.
I have been making treat parcels for my kids just some of their favourite sweets and drinks for when they get back as i know they would have missed them. also my son has lost a lot of weight due to the illness.
I have been watching this squirrel running to and throw on my garden wall as i type.

Its my first alone day since months and I have been catching up with the ironing that has sat there for almost 2 months.I am clearing the mountain done 1 hour already with the new steam generator iron. This device is great i feel like its cut my ironing time in half. I should have got one sooner. Now i need a new ironing board to hold the load as my old one is not strong enough to hold the new heavy device.

I have been feeling ill since last night , a bit fluey , with a on and off temperature. Its the weather change here in the UK well London anyhow its gone form glorious sunshine to nippy and windy. I am still upholding my fast, just feeling a little lonely to be honest.
I have also managed to sucessfully ruin my latest crochet project, not happy about that! Now I am not bothered to start again! Not at the mo and it was looking so nice to.

Anyhow back to my pottering about inshaAllah!


Barbara Bradford said...

I am so sorry to hear your son was ill, I hope he has fully recovered. Food Poisoning can be a dangerous thing. A small restaurant where we used to eat injured over 300 people while we were away. They no longer serve a buffet. Enjoy your quiet.


Umm Salihah said...

Assalam-alaikam Sis,
sorry to hear you and your son have both been so unwell. I bet you can't wait for them to get home safe and well insh'Allah.

Anonymous said...

Hoping your son is feeling better, i'm sure you're feeding him up ;) I love the idea of the parcels you did for your kids. Sometimes i have treats for dh, i see a dessert he loves when shopping and get it just for him, did it today as it happens. Don't worry about your crochet hun. xxxx

Rainbow In The Grey Sky said...

thank you ladies they are all well and safely arrived now and my son is weak but i am building him up , i think a lesion to be learned for all there!

They loved the treats Sonya! evident with gobbling em up!

Umm Salihiah
yes its been great to have them back home :)

I hope they were investigated by Health standards? Trouble is there is no recall in Algeria and so many verdures get away with it.
Afriend of my dh who plays footie with him , his cousin a 27yrs old, died of the same condition as my some just months earier in Algeria while there on hols! Summer time its is very worrying!

Prayers for Peace

Prayers for Peace