Tuesday, 16 September 2008


I have been Tagged by Stanger In The Dunniyah no i mean Seeking Tawqa so here is how it works as stranger in the dunniyah explains it she asking the following question on her blog: “Am I the only blogger out there that sometimes thinks of other bloggers?” She’s also asking if it is even healthy to wonder about our fellow bloggers… in answer to that, probably not but nevertheless I do!

So she came up with a new way to keep us occupied and it is as follows:

I’m gonna tag all you guys and start up my own little game of tag. Post at least five blogs that you read and tell us what you wonder about with them! And that goes for everyone else not listed too

So here are my 5 , mind you can i mention someone who's been tagged already? Well i am going to have to.

First up Happy Muslim mama wondering how she is doing juggling work and the home not to mention Ramandan MashaAllah. A real inspiration and all her lovely crafts, with her latest projects for Eid.

Second up the infamous STANGER IN THE DUNNIYYAH wondering what she has to share with us from her apartment in Saudi and her newly created dishes from her kitchen for me to try , although that fudge looks tempting.

Third up is my dear Seaking Taqwa wondering what she is creating and going to post next, an inspiration no doubt mashaAllah. wondering how she is entertaining her household while the intent hijrah appears.

Forth Ameena wondering when her or where her next adventure will be , knowing the return to the UK looms and praying it will be smooth for her as she starts a new era in her life!

Last up Umm Abdur-Rahaman not a frequent poster but a down to earth one , who i wonder when the authorities will allow to be re-united with her DH? How her son is settling inti Kindergarten (Nursery) for us Brit's!

There are loads more Mi Mundo , sister in south Africa and more and more to many too post .


Anonymous said...

Assalaamu alaikum

Bless you ~ so sweet. :) I wonder when UmmA and her hubby will be back together again. May Allah make it soon and reward them for their sabr, ameen.

Umm Salihah said...

this looks like fun, let me think...

UmmAbdurRahman said...

Awwww sis you're a dear. You see, I like being tagged but hate having to tag back ahahaaaaa. will get working on that.

Ameen to that duaa UmmIbrahim. I wonder when that will happen too. Sometimes I get so sad and it's sisters like you and others on the internet that keep me going. All we can do is rely and trust in Allah that we will be together again soon.

ammena said...

:) Im wondering the same thing about me too lol :D insha'allah i will sit down to doing this tag soon, UmmIbs tagged me way back *blush*

L_Oman said...

Way cool! I was the actual starter of this game and stranger was one of my tagged bloggers.

Yippee - another blog to read - and there's even posts about foooooood too!

Prayers for Peace

Prayers for Peace