Thursday, 24 April 2008

Someone out There Is Suffering!

Can we make a difference ? Can we reach out to someone and make a change? Can we be bothered to care for those suffering?

When you see your sister suffering when do you intervine? When do you say come on you can't do this alone I am going to help you? Do you turn the other cheek and move on? You may not know her well but this does not mean she does not warrant your help? Do you really know the meaning of sisterhood? Do you really know the meaning of loving for your sister what you love for yourself? Give charity if only with half a date!!!
These are my muslim brothers and sister
You hardly know her , got your own set of prob's but remember there is always someone out their in far greater need! Say Al hamduillah Allah has put you in the position you are in , Allah does not burden you with a test you can not see through! After the hardship comes the ease , maybe you are that ease where this sister is concerned?
Go do something nice for your sister today, go pick up the phone call her to pass salams , send a happy email, sms (TXT), make your sister smile for her happyness and well being by your intentions will weight heavy for you on a day when it matters and material gain will not!

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Big Sis said...

Wow what a wonderful blog Jazakallah sister for reminding me that Allah does not give me a burden greater than I can handle. Alhamdula!

Prayers for Peace

Prayers for Peace