Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Sisterhood Not Wanted Here Please!!!

Ever felt rejected? offers of love for the sake of Allah rejected? hurt so badly by others words and actions? All you wanted was a realationship, was it too much to ask ? was it too much to give? We all make mistakes , we are all not so perfect, we all need love in different forms, we all need to feel apprechaited for our efforts however big or small ( iam not talking about praise here). Its hard to forgive sometimes when the pain is so deep and the hurt is so rife, but you do , you do it for the sake of Allah as islam has taught you to be better than that, only to get slapped in the face again (not litirally but with the hurt and rejection described earlier). I want to say i am not a mug, i am a person, i am someones daughter, sister, mother , wife i didn't just fall out of a tree, i deserve respect!!!! so what to do now!!!! move on , why set your self up for a fall time and time again ? Iam a person !!! Don't you see that !!! I have feelings!!! What is it about me that causes you so much unease!! I have a right to your sisterhood for the sake of Allah!! You are hurting so many as my life involes others!!Broken heart
The damage is done , my heart is turned ,You hurt me so much , you put the knife in and twisted it so many times!! i tried and i tried Allah is my witness and remember 'you will stand before next to me before our lord to give account for all the hurt you caused me, you will give account for this!!!! yet i don't hate you , i make dua for you , i pity you but i can't rebuild with you , you have distroyed that in me, maybe coz i haven't forgiven you although i have tried belive me. Iam not the superfical type i dispise hporocsy, i can't sit there and be fake the damage is done sister leave me pain me now , you cause me grief.

Ever felt like this ?

dead rose


ammena said...

i want your sisterhood sis :D ignore them all... just come play with me :D

Rainbow In The Grey Sky said...

jazak allahu khyrun for your kindness sister. I just feel sisters run of words from their lips without realising the conceqences alhamduilah.

Prayers for Peace

Prayers for Peace