Friday, 25 April 2008

When In Hardship........

Go visit someone in a far worser situation than you! Makes you put your own situation into perspective. Offer suport and kindness, exchange gift's if you can as this increases and spreads love.
Bachelorette Party Gift
I did exactly that , I want to talk about the walk uphill to the shacks, i love the place this person lives in, ok so its shacks and the area is not much , with piles of rubbish and land filled sites(I noticed that someone had set up a shack next to the rubbish tip, subhanAllah Al Al mut'aan what a condition to live in next to the rubbish tip, well in it rather. The views are breath taking, wish i had a cam to show you, truely beautiful subhanAllah. The walk is uphill very uphill, i had great views of the sea and town centre , the market (that appeared like a dot from where i was) I could make out the white Masjid, the roads and the cars that looked like ants.
sea side veiw
There is a serinty and carmness that i feel when ever i go there, the path is rocky and the drop is low, its a tiring uphill walk but i like it makes me feel hummble subhanAllah. A simple act of walking makes me hummble and be thankful for the abilty to make this step mashaAllah alhamduilah.It more to do with what i see on my way, the poverty, the despration, of families, young and old. The shacks are not to bad , some have brick walls and some have proper roofs. My friends roof leaks as its made from ply wood, her home is basic as they come but she has a TV and a satilite dish, an odd site for the shacks but they all have it subhan Allah. It's so peaceful in her home,there is a natual tranquilty, a smiplicity, a bareness that only povery can provide, she is always appoligising to me about the state of it , I tell her don't! I like it! It's comfy, simple and Peaceful. She told me since the council started building works further up the road, the water had been disconected its been 2 months now, she walk to a well about 10mins down hill with empty bottles in a bag and returns uphill with them full. This process is repeated often throughout the week. How we take for granted turning a tap on, i have water rations and that is hard enough esp as the reseve tank is out of action and I do run low on supplies, it's so stressfull , I will enter the kitchen on such days to cook wth a heavy heart and a stressed mind as I find this hard to do so with little water, washing clothes is hard too, so I am only touching the ice berge of this hardship subhanAllah as alhamduilah my water come in daily now and they are rationing once per week or maybe twice but supply will return within 24hrs. when I first arrived in 2005 water was on rations for 2 days at a time sometimes 3 the most being 4, now that was hard. Before I made hijrah one year while on hols here in the summer and tempture was 4oC , 12 days , yes 12 days of misery , no water. I value a drip from the tap belive me as sometimes its all I have had for days as mains supply and I have collected a bucketful in hours. I never though a drip would bring me such pleasure and joy! I remind her of someone in far worser hardship than hers, I tell her think of those who have no clean drinking water, think of thoses who have no 10 min walk to get water from a well and say Alhamduilah.
Drip Drip Drip
Have a look around you today and say Alahmduilah for all you have beacause it's a blessing belive me!


Stranger in this Dunya said...

Alhamdu Lillah 'aala kulli haal.

PS 400 degrees... musta been prettttttty hot that day, LOL!

Jazakillahu khair for the reminder to appreciate all that we have been given. :) Umm Ibrahim x

Anonymous said...

Aslam alaykum ukhti
for giving us a reminder of how much blessing we have around us un like the sister and her home and daily fighting in the life just for basic amanties ,subanallah may Allah help them ameen.
and give us all subr and be thankful every moment for what we have
walykum aslam HT

Prayers for Peace

Prayers for Peace