Monday, 24 March 2008

To feel inspired

I went to an Islamic conference today, bank holiday monday alt, when i left the home it was peacfully snowing, the scence felt majical but in reality it was cold. I got the tube to the location i arrived about 1 hour into the session in the middle of a talk. It was very nice day and various speakers spoke about various aspects of reviving the sunnah. I can't express how great it felt to be part of such an event and community of like minded sisters mashaAllah. I even bummped into some friends i have not seen for well over 6-8 years subhan Allah, it was so nice mashaAllah.We lunched there , food was Indian and very nice. It got me thinking as there was a presentation by a new Islamic institute , when i was in the UK such reasources were certainly limmited suddenly there seems to be an influx and revival of islam all over the UK mashaAllah. This institute really dominated my thoughts, it got me thinking thee is so much to do here in the UK deen wise mashaAllah, ok the Islamic schools are still out of reach but there are other ways , am i kidding myself? After all one of the reasons i did go to Algeria was for a better Islamic life but i didn't find that yet as my learning stopped reasources and classes for english speakers are not happening there, or is it shatan playing with my thoughts at this vunerble time? That one is a biggie and i am to ponder on it for days or months to come.
There were stalls selling Islamic books and various items i got some books&CD's to take back with me for knowledge.
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Anonymous said...

Ma'Salaamah Ukthee,

Subhan'allaah, I was there too in the Tayyibun Institute conference and still have fond memories of it- the atmosphere and sisterhood was out of this world- it has helped me so much.

I pray Allaah keeps these Muslimeen steadfast- Aameen, I think they are so sincere and should be helped.

Rainbow In The Grey Sky said...

Aslamu alakum sister do i know you ? did our paths cross? Ameen to your duas!

Prayers for Peace

Prayers for Peace