Tuesday, 25 March 2008

count down to return has began..........

So Sad To Go Back
It is my last 10 days and i feel sad, i hate these returns and come backs its like leaving all over again for the first time esp when i have had such a great time subhan Allah. I have been mentally preparing myself and the kids for the imminent return inshaAllah, has to be done subhanAllah. i feel like i have given myself in 3weeks what i lacked in 3yrs subhanAllah. I have yet reached another milestone in this hijrah experience. being here in the west and meeting sisters yesterday all have a different stance on hijrah, i was advised yesterday when talking about my own hijrah and calling it a hijrah, that i was wrong as the siter said there is no hijrah after the prophet Muhammad migration, as these lands of Islam are not!! I was a lil confused and thought afterwards well in surah al nisa verse 99 it tell us to make hijrah if able, also that islam is for all time then and now subhan Allah. typically me always think of things after..........also i was warned by a sister about attending this conference yesterday subhanAllah , she was telling me , this speaker has self confessed takfri, this one is of biddah Allah Al Must'aan to that!!!! Well i am happy to say no biddah was asked of me , no takfir was announced , no deviance was encouraged alhamduillah , infact the oppiste on each account , being away for so long and returning to the Islamic community in the UK highlighted the vast segregation amongst the ummah itself, i have forgotten just how prevalent this was or had it become more since my absence?


seekingtaqwa said...

try not to feel discouraged by the comments of others insha'allah ... we're all just doing our best and yes while the sister is right in saying that these Muslim lands are not Islamic it's still alot better for us than being in bilaad-al-kafiroon.and you're right there is alot of sectarianism now in the u.k...alot of division subhanallah....and it looks like you picked up some good reading material at the lectures masha'allah

ammena said...

yeh, it is hard to accept how the ummah is splitting themselves. Especially when its things like conferences and sisterly chats that you need. I tend to stay away fromgiving islamic advice because I dont really know too much. Insha'allah everyone will remember that we dont know everything. Im sad youre leaving sis, I know how much you need that time. But then I havent really been able to speak with you while youve been there (youve been too busy :( ) so im happy for that :P YES Im selfish :) Fi amenallah

Safiyyah said...

As Salaamu Alaikum Sis:

Gheez ... what's wrong with these Muslims? Don't listen. Yikes!

Prayers for Peace

Prayers for Peace