Monday, 11 February 2008

More Happyness

Another reason to be happy …………spring is almost upon us in Algeria (usually around the end of February) , the sun is out most of the day , the wind is a little nippy but its nice subhanAllah. As Algeria is a very humid country esp. in areas by the sea, humidity, mould and condensation are just a few of the things we have to deal with. In the autumn and winter months Algeria is very dull due to the lack of sunshine, I firmly believe Algeria is a better place in the sun. Whereas I liked the UK better when it was grey and raining .I don’t like the summer sun , its way too hot subhan Allah but I like the spring sun as its just right but can get very hot. Algeria seems abetter place with the sun in tow, washing dries quicker as in the winter months its can take 3-5days with all the dampness around. The rugs go up for the summer ahead which equals less dusting ect , the list goes on……… Now the spring in Algeria is a very special time for me as I await the return of my friends in the form of birds………beautiful wild birds that bring me so much joy mash Allah. They appear on the window ledge and tap at the glass, that’s this one the blue tit, its colours are so deep and fresh.
The other is the Robin Red Chest now he makes me smile and feel nostalgic as in the UK growing up as a child , I read so many a story book with robins in them , the red robin, he reminds me of the winter. His legs are so thin and skinny, yet his body is big and fluffy.
Each bird has its distinctive chirp and I am able to recognise them by sound alone, there are other birds too with bright luminous colours that the eye has never witnessed. I am not a bird watcher believe me but I have taken up this pastime come spring each year. The birds are so pretty and really brighten my mood and day , I feel subhan Allah what hidden beauties I have never seen before , I never thought something so simple would bring me so much joy mash Allah.
These birds are more vigilant than the general wild birds, the robin does not stay still to long as soon as he senses me behind the glass, and he is off. Whereas the blue it stays and taps and even whilst I am pottering around in the kitchen stays to eat the food I have left him on the ledge. The wonders of Allah’s creations Al Khaliqh, never ceases to amaze me subhan Allah.


Umm Ibrahim said...

Assalaamu alaikum,
Masha'Allah sis. I love Algeria in the spring-time too. Have been in January, April and summer and April was by far the best time masha'Allah. In hot countries spring is the best of times because you can actually enjoy the outdoors. Enjoy your spring sis. :)

Rainbow In The Grey Sky said...

wa alakum aslam
they actually prayed for rain yesterday , i forget what the prayer is called , rain prayer!!! Subhan Allah during the night i was awoken by rain , it looks pretty cloudy so inshaAllah rain as we had a dry winter and we need rain for the land and food.

Prayers for Peace

Prayers for Peace