Sunday, 10 February 2008

I am Happy Al-hamduillah


I felt the need to let everyone know I am happy alhamduillah as after a recent comment left on a post, it got me thinking perhaps I post too much gloom and doom and not enough happy postings. This prompted me to say a little why I am blogging and what I blog.

I am happy to have been blessed with the chance to make hijrah alhamduillah, like any major change in life hijrah has not come without its test in more ways than one. Life is full of good and bad, the experiences we gain from life’s test makes us or breaks us. I am here to share with you an insight into my life and the world around me as I see and feel it. There is no right and wrong here as we all are as different as people so what I feel is not what you will feel but someone might.
I decided to make hijrah a very long time ago as a teenager in fact, I was not a muslimah at the time but I wanted out of the west for very similar reasons as I believe in today as a muslimah. I have been mentally and physically preparing for 14yrs to come to live in Algeria. It was always my decision, my choice, if anything I encouraged my DH not that he needed much encouragement alhamduillah.
I had many dreams and aspirations for myself and in later years for my children and DH (as a family) visions and dreams, goals and achievements, expectations that never materialized. What I expected of Algeria and its people never emerged and what I didn’t want or expect did!!!! So what now? In between this mess I have to find a life, establish happiness, and create a path forward. Happiness is a blessing that not all are blessed with. Hardships are a blessing that not all are tested with; its striking the balance is what it’s all about for me. Contentment is a restraint and is a hold back for furthering oneself and ambitions. If there is one thing I have discovered is that there is nothing like a hijrah to test ones intentions and happiness subhanAllah. I find shatan work harder in Muslim lands to mislead the people. My test are visible and hidden, I am just here sharing my thoughts and feelings, as a British Asian Ex Pat, Revert Muslimah alahmduillah, that’s what it’s about the good and the bad. It’s all about me and how I perceive it.


seekingtaqwa said...

masha'allah..another one straight from the heart!!
I believe shaitaan has more work to do in the lands of al-muslimeen
and thats why there is such fitnah and so many being tested..allah give us strength and help us to find comfort and fulfilment in our new homes, ameen

Rainbow In The Grey Sky said...

walalakum aslam seekingtaqwa
nice to read you here again, jazakAllahu khyrun for you comments. Yes its a thorney road ahead fullof hardships but its how we draw from these hardships that makes us sister. Being unhappy is part of life's circle , not everyone is entierly happy no end i am sure! sometimes we think we are but its just an illusion , an avoidence of the real matters that need addressing , we go along not address for an easy life.

Umm Ibrahim said...

Assalaamu alaikum,
I find myself feeling the same as you, here in KSA sis. Up and down between contented and frustrated! Alhamdu Lillah for everything. :)

Rainbow In The Grey Sky said...

Aslamu alakum umm ibrahim
its stepping forward or backwards that's the hard bit! Lonelyness is another factor i forgot to mention in the post these Arab lands are very extended family orintaited and when you have no family of your own it can be a very lonely place:(

Umm Salihah said...

I could not imagine the step of leaving everything for a new place in the way you have. You knock yourself down but I am stunned by your bravery and faith mashallah.

I am glad you have been happier, Allah bring peace and beauty to all of your days. I guess it is in our beloved Prophet's (PBUH)sunnah to smile and show happiness and also to be sad and shed tears.

Prayers for Peace

Prayers for Peace