Monday, 10 January 2011

more pregnancy news

I had an appointment with my diabetic nurse on Friday, she noted my blood sugars have been a little high for the past week or so and said I may need to go in Insulin drugs for the reminder of the pregnancy (about 10 weeks). I have been trying so hard as well with diet control and I felt I was doing really well but the nurse told me its the pregnancy and not me making them high. They have asked me to call them this morning with the readings snce Friday and if high then most likely drugs. This upset me a little as I don't want to go on drugs but now it looks like its something I can control.

On another note baby is moving much more and I can feel the movements and they can be quite hard sometimes. I have started having nightmare dreams about baby, perhaps its just my anxieties playing out at night. I still have some much baby stuff to buy, I got a crib Friday but still need to decorate my bedroom and with only 10 weeks to go insha Allah and me feeling the weight and aches it is all a bit worrying.


Anonymous said...

Esalaamu aleikoum;

Machallah i did not knw u r pregnant, what great news sis!

I pray you are able to manage ur diabetes sis, surely much better there then here(the care) i will pray for you and please keep me updated!


Rainbow In The Grey Sky said...

wa alakum Henia how are you my sweet , I think you was not on-line for a long period when i announced it and now look subhanAllah nearly there, alhamduilah its not been an easy ride but i am getting there.

Prayers for Peace

Prayers for Peace