Tuesday, 11 August 2009

It's all been a little hectic last week

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My DH was able to get a last minuite deal for the ferry crossing from Marselle to Algeria with a great reduced price. So now it was final they will be going on hols DH and my DD 15yrs old. I asked DH if it was not terribly expenvie how about taking Ds aged 10yrs old as well? An extra £100 and it was all done! I had endless shopping trips.....mum i need this , i need that, dear wife did you get my mother this , then gifts.........ect it felt never ending and not easy on the purse too. Come Sunday evening DH discovers DS's passport has expired since June......what a STRESS a rollercoaster of emotions i can tell you! what was i to do Sunday evening ? they depart Monday night?
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I had DS in tears , DH thinking through every possible senario , i felt like i was going to bust with all the knotted stress building up in my stomach! At this point i told DS the should pray to Allah for a miricle , DD agreed and both offered extra prayers in this cause. I managed to get hold of the passport office but there were NO fast track appt for Monday only Thurs but i was adviced to keep ringing until 11pm incase there was a cancelation. Now bear in mind its Sunday evening and we need an application form, photos , counter signature its just seemed all impossible but i tell you what where there is a will and allah's blessings ofcourse there is always away. after a much stressed evening we managed to land an appointment for next day and get all the requirments fullfiled alhamduilah. Monday DS got his miricle subhan Allah!

Next day it was just me and my yongest DS7 1/2 almost 8 yrs old left behind. We felt so so sad and lonely , tears were shead i can tell you now! Suddenly all this, the family home ect meant nothing without them!
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Prayers for Peace

Prayers for Peace