Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Jerusalem Artichokes

I was tidying up my bedroom, when i heard some noise coming from the allotments, it was L the old Philippine lady i knew. Who has an allotment over there, she called up 'hi, do you like artichokes?' Yes i told her, she told me to come to the gate and she would give me some.

As i was planning on making 'dolma' tomorrow i thought great. well when i got around to he allotment, i guessed i would grab the bag and go but i was taken to the patch and told to dig them up with the fork, she showed me how. As the folk went in it threw up a whole pile of fresh artichokes from the earth. I was like , subhanAllah, wow natural or what? I ended up with a bag full. they was not the artichokes i was expecting they were these
I have seen them in Algeria and really the first time i mistook them for Ginger and got very excited.
I gave them a wash
Jerusalem Artichokes they call them.

Something new to try, due to its mis shape i could not think what to cook and soup seemed to easy. I thought potato and made a dish with meat balls. They tasted very nice, waxy and sweet. they took a lot longer than a potato to cook more to do with being organic i guess.


Barbara Bradford said...

No vacation here, I am off to work, we do commercial construction, all over the United States. I will be posting off the laptop.

I have never in my life heard of Jerusalem Artichokes, your posts are always so wonderfully interesting, Thank you


Rainbow In The Grey Sky said...

Oh right you see Barbara your wolrd is interesting to me too. That's great you can use the lap top to keep us posted and pictures too if you can.

Thank you again for your kind comments, i am learning to in this life belive me.

Haniyya said...

mashallah, i have never heard of jerusalem artichoke. i would probably mistake them for ginger too. =)

Rainbow In The Grey Sky said...

I must say they do taste nice although not very comon but a pain to peel.

Prayers for Peace

Prayers for Peace