Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Side dishes (salads)

This one is coldslaw but i used Greek yogurt instead of mayo

Next up was a potato salad made with a small red pepper, onion diced fine, parsly, boiled egg and boild potatoes

Dress with a dressing of your choice and enjoy.


Nabila said...

Salaam aleikum

Just browsing blogs, and found yours through another blog. I have had some interesting reads here, mashaAllah. Can I add you to my blog-roll on my blog?

Anonymous said...

I guess you could use low fat natural yugurt too instead of mayo... Love the ideas, keep them coming mashallah. Take care, Ines

Rainbow In The Grey Sky said...

Aslamu alakum Nabila yes you can :)

Ines sorry the picture just didn't do justice to my coldslaw :( but yes i guess you could.........i added some walnuts to it aswell.

Anonymous said...

Assalaamu alaikum,

Oh yummy! How deliciously English, coleslaw and potato salad! My neighbour made a fab potato salad when we had a potluck iftar last week.

Sonya said...

They look so tasty!

Adventurous Ammena said...

Just to let you know youve been tagged :) nice islamic one too.. looking forward to reading your post insha'allah http://ammena03.wordpress.com/2008/09/27/when-at-the-masjidwhen-at-the-masjid

Prayers for Peace

Prayers for Peace