Friday, 22 August 2008

It's that Friday Feeling

Yes yaum al jummah alhamduillah Rabi Alamin, what a blessed day jummah is for us .........subhanallah here is how mine went. I came down to cook lunch but discovered not much in food wise so i looked through the cupboards and spotted the cous cous and i had some peas to pod and what came to mind? Yes 'masfouf' also it reminded me of our old home Algeria 'sigh'. As on jummah day in Algeria people cook cous cous as a cultural tradition as its the only full day at home for all the family so they make a special meal to share bit like a Sunday Roast for some of the European cultures. It reminded e of my neighbours and how some jummah days i would end up with difernt bowls of cous cous sent to me by different families mashaAllah.
PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket If i was in algeria and making this i would add foul (flaver beans too) and have this with a glass of Laban (buttermilk). Firday is the day i try to read quran esp surah al kaff as it is highly recommended Photobucket so i do it first in arabic with a qari via online but i normally get lost alhamduilah its the effort that counts. Then i read it again in translation to make sure i understand what i am reading alhamduillah. I actually became quite tearful at some ayats i read that really penitrated my heart mashaallah TabarakAllah. We didn't get out to the masjid this week alhamduillah. Later in the day i went shopping for my hijamah essentials
I was hoping to show you some pictures of me in action but my dh has been to busy for me to pin him down for a session sadly but soon inshaAllah. I would also like to thank my dear sister who taught me and i pray allah give her the ajar aswell as me for teaching me and sharing the knowledge to help others ameen. Seeking Taqwa these are for you hunny just beacause you are my sister and i love you for the sake of Allah ukti!

Now while we were out shopping there was a punch up , yes a fight now this totally angered me. There were spectators of up to a crowd of 70 peep's and no one intervened, no one went into break it up, no one cared enough instead they were heckling 'fight' 'fight' this is the GREAT British society I live in. There was 4 teenagers beating 2 men who were out shopping with family his wife has 2 young babies in a double push chair and was wearing a hijab. The crowd was to big for me to actually see all but i could hear her screams and this drawed me nearer as i thought she was being beaten, she was screaming for her husband and other family member being beaten to a pulp. Then someone asked me what had happened there , i turned around and said shame on you, everyone is spectating the least you can do is call the police by then my dd had already done so. It makes me sick, it angers me, this is the non caring , afraid society we live in? the standby syndrome, i am discus ed sick to the pit of my stomach, i wanted to intervene , i wanted to slap the agressors , i wanted to help! What is wrong with these non caring people Britian was not like this before in the past i mean growning up, i remeber an old asain lady got mugged and most of the neighbours chassed the man down the street. In Algeria everyone steps forward and breaks it up, if i trip inthe street people rush forward to help me at the very least make a dua for me, for allah to protect me subhanAllah i miss my security alhamduilah. Later we saw the 2 men who had been beaten to a pulp , blood everywhere.

Other stuff i have been doing these days Al-hamduilah PhotobucketPhotobucket I have become fustrated with the crochet and following paterns , why? just can't do it but after another atempt 'bingo' i am on my way al-hamduilah this is going to be a jug cover lets see what gets made i have got my sights set on a afgan with 192 squares inshaallah looking forward to that one inshaallah need to get my hands on some yarn first inshaAllah.

Been having alot of insomia lately subhanAllah so one night i joted down a list for Ramandan goals for the kids as i am starting to home school the younger 2 again. conteplating my being and my own achievements for the days ahead in order for a better hereafter inshaAllah.


UmmAbdurRahman said...

This post reminds me of my first night in Algeria. I will have to post something on my blog. Thank you sis for motivating me :)

Anonymous said...

have a nice day umm sara

seekingtaqwa said...

aw..jazakallahu khairaan for the flowers hun...that made my morning!
glad to see you back at work with the crochet...and've been mighty productive on the eeman front too masha'allah...may allah b;less your efforts for his sake...
lotsa love

Anonymous said...

Assalaamu alaikum,

Good luck with crochet - I love looking at the crochet pics on seekingtaqwas blog and wish I also had her close by to give me a lesson or 3!

Shocking what you wrote about the guys beating up some others... to an audience. :(

Umm Salihah said...

Assalam-alaikam Sister,
that was one busy Friday mash'Allah. I'd love to see you're crochet creations, I'm interested in learning if I get the time, but I'm not sure where to start.

I know what you mean about the fight. Not long ago I was on the Newham Regen tour and saw from the bus a woman getting mugged in broad daylight with no-one stopping to help. The British are losing their traditional values which are much like Islamic values (honesty, fairness, kindness, modesty, justice). I think we Muslim's have a role in bringing back the sense of community, goodness and justice insh'Allah. Even one person makes a difference right?

Prayers for Peace

Prayers for Peace