Saturday, 23 August 2008


My son was stalked and attacked in the super market by another child (around 10yrs old).Whilst my dh and dd had gone to another aisle this all happened in 2-3Min's, alhamduilah his karate training came in handy and he was able to defend him self. Now since i have returned i have noticed when my son is out with me other children looking at him in an aggressive way and almost provoking him to confrontation, my son is a is raised by me and is mashaallah a very kind and caring soul. At first i though i imagine it but no he told me sometimes when i turn my back the other boys stick their fingers up with a V sign not meaning peace. Now this angers me as its provocation, they are forcing him into trouble. what is this British Society like, what with a recent pointless murder of a young life and the countless stabbings here in the Capital LONDON, suddenly i am worried for my son and he is only 9yrs old. Anyone else experience something similar? what do you do in this society i want to know if the other mothers with boys have experience this?


Umm Salihah said...

Assalam-alaikam Sister,
I am sorry to hear this has happened. My little boy is starting nursery next week and it has crossed my mind (being bullied or behaving like a bully). My aunt's son got a black eye when he was about 12, the other boy elbowed him by accident, she went ballistic at the school, she just would not let it go. I think she over-did it considering it was an accident, but I like that she really stands up for her kids (I'm quite gutless).

The other day at my cousins nikah some little boys were teasing my cousins she told them off severely and they ran out of the house. I asked her if she had come to scare people's children and she made a face.

Rainbow In The Grey Sky said...

wa alakum aslam ukti or should i say behan? lol

Anyhow i feel we are living in violent times and hatered and aggression seemto be the norm, people are so in patient and unkind to others. what you say is right the muslim should be setting a beautiful example but sadly the muslims around today sometimes can not be distinguished from the kafir simplyby thier conduct and traits. I myself am expierence this behaviour often by muslims , Allah al mus'taan and Allah guide us all to peace ameeen.

Prayers for Peace

Prayers for Peace