Friday, 4 April 2008

My return....................

All was well we checked in online the night before we were even able to allocate our seat on the flight for the next day ourselves mashaAllah, the new terminal looks small from the outside but once in its very nice , i found it very simple and stress free. The lower levels are like an up-market shopping centre with shops like Prada, Harrods all selling thier goods. All we had to do was to go to the fast bag drop to have the bags tagged and weighted, this was done all ok alhamduillah. Depture lounge actually felt like the depature lounge in Algeria and looked like it too. At the final checks point , I had a tin of heniz baked beans convinscated, they said the volume was too big , i was gutted as it was for my dear friend in Algeria who wanted a taste of home , i pleaded and pleaded but to no avial and they threw it away in a big bin full of other goodies. We were delayed in a que for take off there were a number of planes hanging around for a take off slot. When i got to Algeris i noticed there were many people hanging abut the belt for bags ect but only few bags , 2/5 had arrived of mine and 3 piece never arrived Allah Al must'aan what i have been reading about on the news for weeks had happened to me!!!!! The stress had began and i was barely on Algerian soil subhanAllah but not an algerian problem this time !!! A very British one!!!! so now i wait for a phone call from the arport to see if my bags come in ..........and wait and wait , we are making dua they show soon before Tuesday as i have medicine for various sisters and i am seeing them on Tuesday inshaAllah. also one suitcase belonged to my dd1 and she is devestated as it contained all her treats but we have to have sabr and thank allah at least we got 2 bags some people got none.
Apart from that fisco i was dreading leaving and coming back , subhan Allah Allah has been mercyful to me yet again mashaAllah and i feel happy to be back , i really do , felt like i was never away , felt like home subhan Allah actually felt nice to be back , i was suprissed myself for feeling this way, m heart is in 2 places, its like a man being in love with 2 women he cant explain it but loves them both!!! am i making sense? i poped into see the neighbour to pick up my tortoise she had been pet sitting for me. It was so nice to see her mashaAllah and she noted the change in my glow and said it looked like the trip did me good !!! MashaAllah she was not wrong there! We had spagetti in pasata sauce for dinner , it was actually very nice, i did a lil dusting and sweeping , changed the bed covers as the place just feels so dusty- hard slog for the days ahead i foresee alhamduillah. The kids are straight into school tomorrow inshaAllah they are 1 week over due, the gifts they got for thier teachers are in the lost baggage. Do i feel refreshed , yes , do i feel ready to face Algeria and all its good and bad for another pierod , yes inshaAllah i do , recharged mentally but physically i am actually looking forward to the rest here as the UK was a lot of going out and about , condensing 9 months worth into 4 weeks but i did it alhamduillah , only thing i didn't get to do was a trip to the West End and the park, that had more to do with the weather than anything elses.You will be reading more or less from me over time
i might be moving agian, back with my mom and her bf. I might b able to talk to u for ever know


Somayya said...

AsSalaam Alaikum

Mashallah, you arrived home safely and seem refreshed and happy. Inshallah that feeling will continue for a long time.

Don't worry about the beans!!! I am not meant to have them obviously. Inshallah when I get back to the UK I can have as many as I like.

Sis, did you pay for an extra suitcase? That's what I was thinking of doing when we come back this time inshallah. Anyway see you on Tuesday inshallah.

Umm Hibaat said...

Assalaamu Alaykum,

Ma sha Allah! Great to read this post. Alhamdulillah you made it back to DZ fine (in every aspect).

Well done with the crocheting. I'm looking forward to seeing some more from you! In sha Allah.

Get some rest now!


Sarah said...

Asalamu alaikum sis, You're back and I didn't get to meet you. :`¬(

Glad you feel refreshed and happy to be back though. Take it easy for a while. :¬D

Rainbow In The Grey Sky said...

aslamu alakum sommayah , my bags it seems never left the new T5 , they were then sent to Milan, italy to be sorted along with thousands others and they arrived in algeria on saturaday eve alhamduillah , my Bil picked them up sunday , his car broke down so i don't have them yet but they coming soon inshaAllah.

No i didn't pay for extra piece it was a pushchair for Bil. I did pay last summer £60 but if you do it online its much cheeper like £32 you get a good amount off. Yes baggage allowance just not enough and for longer pierods away from the UK we need so many lil things to bring back, just make sure you put the beans in the suitcase ok!

Rainbow In The Grey Sky said...

aslamu alakum Sarah yes i am sorry i didn't get to meet you i did think about coming to your monthly's but it was so cold and ii had the kids in tow :( maybe in the summmer would be nice meet you and the others :)

Stranger in this Dunya said...

Assalaamu alaikum,

Alhamdu lillah you arrived back safely and had a good break if not too short for your needs but alhamdu Lillah. Happy to read that you did get your bags after all... Milan??! LOL. This kind of thing has happened to us before... we had a transit stop so most of our luggage arrived in KSA as it should, one item went to Bangkok and the pushchair got left behind in our transit stop Abu Dhabi for some reason. Alhamdu lillah we also got everything back though. :)

Umm Ibrahim

Prayers for Peace

Prayers for Peace