Saturday, 22 March 2008

Salmon fish & Spinach Pie

I made a pie today- i used
salamon fish, spinach, onion, potatoes thinly sliced
Spices, salt, white pepper, mixed herbs
Roux sauce
short crust pastry

I made the pastry by rubbing butterinto the flour until it resembled fine bread crumbs , with cold water i formed a dough. I set this aside ina ball shape in a plastic bag in the fridge while i made the filling.Photobucket i put a little cooking oil in a pan and sweat the onions. Add the herbs and spices , i added the thinkly sliced potatoes , and salmon pieces, covered the pan and let this cook a little and when the fish was nearly done i added the shreaded spinach.Photobucket Once the filing is cooked , make a white roux sauce, this i made with butter , flour and milk.
Now roll out the pastry to fit the dish and fill, with salmon filling and roux sauce.Photobucket now roll out another piece of pastry for the cover Photobucket , you can decorate it with some pastry leafs, brush with egg yellow, sadly i didn't have any so mine is cooked without.

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InshaAllah99 said...

Mmmmm!!! That looks delicious!!! InshaAllah I will try making somethign similar soon. Lol thanks for the inspiration :) Looks like you're a great cook!

Prayers for Peace

Prayers for Peace