Thursday, 21 February 2008

What shapes us?

Looking back on life and childhood , experiences, feelings, thoughts, relationships, happy times , painful times, heart breaking times, educational, encounters, love, paralysing fearful times, desprate,timid, flushed,disillousioned,logical, achieventments, fashion, downfalls, hurt,more love, disappointment, regret, positive, negative, extreme, anger, pondering, dangerous, tears, empty, illegal, adrenalin rush,evil,unloved,closeness, peaceful times, hospitalisation, Allah, death, theft, intoxicating times,lonely,violent , kindness, maternal, hope, uniting, letting go , imagination these are some of the experiences from the cycle of life that we will pass through or experience and our own encounters of each sense and how we expiernced it and drew from it goes towards the shaping of us, you and me.

Above I have snatched words from some significant life experiences I have under gone these words describe the shaping of me each word describes and event. What has helped shape you? Lets pick a word and talk about an avent.

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Umm Ibrahim said...

Assalaamu alaikum,

Subhan Allah, this is why we should say, "Alhamdu Lillah 'aala kulli haal" - praise/thank Allah for every condition.

Life is such a rich tapestry and all our experiences, good and bad, shape us and make us what we are. Probably the tests we have endured are the things that shape us the most -these are the things that remind us to be thankful and help us appreciate the good and they enable us to empathise with others when they are going through a rough patch.

Prayers for Peace

Prayers for Peace