Monday, 9 May 2011

its been too long

I need to get back into gear and get back blogging as I have missed blog world and blogging. I do not find much time to sit at the PC these days and just use phone for quick updates and checking in on Facebook. Also i don't know how to upload pictures from my phone to the PC and this has held me back posting as i have loads to share. soon inshaAllah i will be back!
Alhamduilah I have been ajusting to beeing a mother again to a new born after 10 uears and it has been no easy ride, night feeds are hardest and baby has colic, time is no longer my own and it will be like this for the next many years? alhamduilah!


Barbara Bradford said...

Oh my gosh, it is so good to see you back. I was getting worried. What a lovely picture with the hands and the tiny feet. So beautiful. I am hoping that your older children are helping you with your chores so that you may get some rest. I raised a colic baby and for 6 months he cried. I think we are being tested as to our patience... Ha Ha , he is now 34 and still cranky......

So good to see you


Moon said...

MAshallah u have been blessed with a health baby!!!

So Happy to see u back!.

Take care


Prayers for Peace

Prayers for Peace