Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Before big changes

Really just updating everywhere before Thursday, I am going into hospital for delivery of baby at 37 weeks by c-section. While i have been worrying so much and keep thinking every possible scenario that could go wrong is going to go wrong for me. I am over it now and have realized i need to place my trust in Allah and what is written for me will avail inshaAllah.

I just wanted you all to know and i hope to be back updating in due time with good news inshaAllah.
Please remember me in your prayers.

The local hospital has had a new maternity wing re-vamp after almost 20 years in January, and I am so happy to be one of the first to be using it before it gets trashed as all things public do. Its a real treat for us in this borough of London that ranks on of the poorest in the whole of UK. I took a few pictures as I was very impressed, shame the care and attitude by nurses has not changed over 20 years, still rude and uncaring, making me feel like I am a burden, uffing and puffing, over having to do what they are paid to do.
The waiting area of the maternity day care
taken from my bed, my very own samsung flat screen with remote.


washi said...

Ameen! And of course I will remember both of you in my duas iA. May The Almighty ease this birth journey for you inshAllah.

All the best Sis and looking forward to those blog posts iA..

Adventurous Ammena said...

woohoo.. come back soon hun

Prayers for Peace

Prayers for Peace