Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Are they ashamed of me?

About two weeks ago i went to visit my mom. My brother and his family all live in my mom's house with her. Upon my arrival there was someone already in the house , my sister in laws friend from what i could make out. I was ushered into the back room where my sister in law has her workshop and she started talking shop with me. While the other lady was conversion with my mom in the hall. my sister in law looked alarmed but i didn't understand why. She told me in a whisper to stay in the workshop until this lady left. Afterwards she bushed it off with don't be offend, that i asked you to stay in this room. Me being me said no, not realising the real implications of this incident!
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It dawned on me much later that they felt ashamed of me and felt the need to pass me of as a client and not family for the simple fact i am a Muslimah dressed in Islamic attire. Now this hurt , i thought they had gotten over all these prejuideces. Maybe they never did? Maybe its an act and deep down they have not. I feel angry and i feel like a hypocrite. I am not the conformational type but what should i do? should i confront my mother and Sister in law? To be honest i don't feel comfortable going there anymore. My little sister is getting married on Monday and i am going to attend the registry office, comments were made about my dress a few months ago. Now i just feel sick to my stomach , perhaps i am not wanted!
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I am saddened by thier lack of honesty and their behaviour...why can't people say it as it is. I am happy with my clothing and my way of life alhamduilah and have never looked back for a second, now i feel all we had/have is a lie in respect of relations!


washi said...

Oh Sis this sounds like a really painful experience :-(
Just remember that as a Muslim you are part of a much larger family and WE all love you.


umm abdurrahman said...

Assalaamu Alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh. My dear sister, I pray that Allah Subhaanahu wa ta ala will make things easy for you, that he will plant your feet (and all muslims' feet) firmly on the path of Islam, and that we will hold tight to the rope of Allah, ameen. InshaAllah, after you have wiped away the tears, remember why you are muslim, why you follow islam, remember who you are doing this for, and remember that all rewards are with Allah, the Almighty. May Allah Subhaanahu wa ta ala guide us all, ameen. Wasalaam

jana z. said...

oh!! i felt so SO sad reading this and at the same time just BOILED. your sister in law lives in YOUR mothers home and she told you to hide in YOUR mothers home? omg...O.M.G....but then thinking of it, i wouldnt have realized the implications until later either..sometimes i think about things fully at a later time.

dont you dare be embarrased or ashamed. you are alive for have the boldness to be the only muslim in your family and not let their "shame" stop you in your worship of continue to be happy with your choices and complete in Allah..let them roll around in their shame.

dear do what makes you feel comfortable. family is the worst at making you feel so badly so many times throughout life.

plz though, talk to your mom and tell her to ask your sis in law to make you hide in your moms home hideous.

sorry for my just truly upset me so much for your sake.


Rainbow In The Grey Sky said...

Aslamu alakum ladies Jazakiilahu khyrun for all your kind comments and open truth xxx

you are all right Jana Z its how i felt Boiled, you hit the nail on the head , yes in the home that i grew up in , in the home i lived all my life until 16yrs ago, in my mothers home! I am going to the wedding on monday and am wearing Hijab and abayah ...i will let you know how it goes but yes i am human and it hurts!

Prayers for Peace

Prayers for Peace