Sunday, 15 February 2009

M'cherak Ariyan aka Gazzel Horns

I have to give all credit to a sister from another forum who posted this recipe in it's simplest form. As i already knew the technique from my years in Algeria as i had made them a few times before with sister in law . I noted when the Algerians cook , the task looks so long and drawn out, almost laborious and tiring but when the Europeans turn out the same recipes its so easy so it seems for me anyhow.
You will need
3 bowls of plain flour
1 bowl of ghee
3/4 of the bowl full of sugar
2 eggs
a pinch of salt
1/2 cup of mazar [orange blossom water] or as required
fillingground almonds
Flaked almonds
Mazar to bind
Using a large bowl get measuring out the pastry ingredients first
mix together with your hands.........make sure the ghee is melted.
I put the dough into a plastic bag and left it to sit for about 3 hours.
I got the filling ready , i put the dry ingredients into a bowl and slowly added the mazar until it binded to a soft texture.
Now i didn't have the correct cutter, i used a bowl to cut the pastry with. I ideally the triangle is a better shape to be used here.
Place onto a greased tray. you place a little of the filling at the top of the circle and roll and curve it{no picuture sorry Ines] in slightly. Brush with egg and sprinkle flaked almonds on top.
Bake on a moderate heat until golden in colour
Allow to cool and remove carefully , i dusted them with some icing sugar.


Ines said...

Love them too, mashallah. But sis, you missed a step. You don't show pics of how to roll them up...You know I'm a visual learner :)Thanks for sharing. Love you fisabilillah.

Barbara Bradford said...

Oh these look so wonderful, I can't wait to get home and try making them. We arrived this evening in Santa Cruz, California.
We ate seafood at the pier and it wasn't very good. Hope you are well. Barbara

Rainbow In The Grey Sky said...

santa cruz sounds cool Barabra hope its not all work and no play..shame about the food.

The Gori Wife said...

Oh man, I didn't know you'd spent time in Algeria. I had an old friend who used to make all these amazing Algerian dessert with orange blossom water and sugar syrup and cinnamon and crushed nuts (walnuts, maybe?) I am DYING for Algerian dessert recipes!

://: Heni ://: said...

Mach'Allah these look great! And nice to see step by step instructions - true Algerians make everything harder. Lovely sis!

Rainbow In The Grey Sky said...

Iam making these again today for Eid as my dh loves em , there is nothing like home made cakes!

Prayers for Peace

Prayers for Peace