Sunday, 7 September 2008

Too much zucchini?

My DH came home with a big bag of zucchini and well seeing its Ramadan and not much cooking going on...........i decided to try something else have a look
Zucchini fritters
At Sonya's request here is the recipe, well i made it up to be honest! Here is what i did, Grated the zucchini's and in a bowl mixed 2 eggs added spices , like salt , peper and chilli powder, added some flour. mixed in well with all the mixture . Heat a little oil and form round flat cakes with your hands squezzing out the water a little and put into hot oil, allow to brown on both sides.
Zucchini omelete


seekingtaqwa said...

masha'allah I've been meaning to make courgette fritters for a while now...will have to wait till after ramadhan now though

Rainbow In The Grey Sky said...

They were not to bad but greassy and this ramadan is a grease free zone inshaAllah! So i only made 4.

Anonymous said...

The fritters do look nice though!

Dh has taken to buying courgettes by the truckload because he wanted me to try making courgette gratin as opposed to potato gratin. It was nice actually. I did a thin layer of potato then a layer of overlapping courgette, another sparse layer of potato and then plenty of overlapping courgette again, added a few blobs of marg, half a crumbled cube of stock, a bit of cream and some water and covered and baked and then grated over cheese at the last minute. Even the kids liked it and they're not usually into courgette.

Umm Hibaat said...

Assalaamu Alaykum,

I'm trying to keep a grease-free kitchen this Ramadan and baked some samosas the other day (with a little oil on them - not as much as deep-frying!)

About courgettes, you could always make a chocolate cake with 'em! Seriously!

Rainbow In The Grey Sky said...

Wa alakum aslam Stanger in the duniyyah
Great idea must try it inshaAllah. Someone sent me a mousaka thinky but done wth corgettes and auberguine, a red sauce that had sundreid tom's in it and toped with motzorella chesse. The corgetes where done on a griddle pan yummy vey nice!

Umm Hibaat

Grease free inshaAllah we get it! Yes Muffins too i saw te recipce after ramadan though as noone eats cake during ramandan unless its kalbaloss and i am not making that!

Sonya said...

The fritters look yummy! How do you make them? Email or pm me if you could, would be great and i'll give them a go at some point.
I have been very lazy, have been saying for more than a week that i'd make loubia and have'nt, i'm knackered All the time. Pregnancy is draining me!

Umm Salihah said...

these look delicious. Why do men always buy one thing by the truck-load?

Umm Hibaat said...

Hehe, I have truck-load of pomegranate sitting in my kitchen :D

Rainbow In The Grey Sky said...

i can only think larget stomach's larger quanities thing erhaps? mine keeps doing it with cakes to but none is eating cakes in Ramandan apart from kalbaloss , same here umm Hibaat!

Anonymous said...

there are a couple of good and easy recepts for zuccini:

hot cakes: just make a liquid mass out of flour, a little bit of baking power, a little bit of milk, one egg and some parsley and onion very thinly choped.
it must finish with the consistence of a thick liquid mass. Put the zuchhinis cut in slices and deep fry in very hot olive oil.

zuchhini farsi... cut in two the zucchini like they are boats and boils in salted wated carefully until they are cooked but firm.
empty the inside leaving quite a lot of the edible partand fill it with a thikz bolognese sauce made out minced meat, tomate sauce, onion and garlic (with the spices you like more...). Once cooked you can add to it the "meat" of the zucchini you have left after having emptied them
put them in aa an oven tray and pour some bechamel over them and over it some grated cheese and grill in the oven.

Prayers for Peace

Prayers for Peace