Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Worn out and lost my ZEAL

For you that know me , will know about my engery and enthusiam mashaAllah. at the present i have lost all energy and zeal to do anything , my body feels limp and aches. Thing is I have heeps of annual washing to do , rugs , blankets , walls, and curtains and windows although these are more frequent. The flat 2 floors above are having renevations done to the windows and the bulider is in and sledge hammering the brick work and all is dropping down to me and my windows and curtains, he has dropped load of debris ont my citern reserve tank and the pipe is dripping now , i feel furious and want to go up and give him a piece of my mind! Photobucket It's times like this i want my DH here. i can't belive this builder has come and made all this mess without reguard to others property, this ia a often repeated process in Algeria makes me mad. It's like the neighburs are getting there place all done up but dumpping the rubbish on me , i am ground floor. Someone had paint work done once and the painter threw all the spirt cleaner out of the window and it all went on my window and my curtains. La illahillah, I feel like i am gone slap someone!


ammena said...

easy easy.. calm down there girl :) sit down, relax, have a nice cup of tea and take it in.. youre being tested remember :P glad to see things are just as 'normal' for you in dz as they are in uk though :P alhamdulillah

Somayya said...

AsSalaam Alaikum

Sabr sis, sabr. I know it is difficult as you have so many things going on at the moment. But inshallah it will soon pass.

Unfortunately this seems to be a trait with Algerians (not all of course, I am generalising). They do not seem to care about the effects of their actions on others. Is there anyone you can ask to have a word with the builder? Let me know if you want my dh to come slap him!!!!!

Rainbow In The Grey Sky said...

Al-Hamduillah my dd1 had a word with the caretaker and explained all as later on I discovered the builder had dropped a large amount of cement on my balcony windows and ledge, i was furious, makes me mad people can be so un-kind. There was another neighbour when she spoke to the caretaker and he said he is sick of the issue to as he lives under the flat they renovating and he said he will have a word too. I told her to tell him he has to clean the window!I AM NOT touching it !

seekingtaqwa said...

all I can sa is i KNOW how you feel....
duas are with you

Prayers for Peace

Prayers for Peace